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Confused ?? Status Correct but lights not on..


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I was originally thinking that I had a bad switchlinc (the oft commented on V.35 version problem) as the switchlinc would report the light as being off when queried but the light was not off.


The original issue was a Clink would not turn off lights connected to a v.35 switchlinc. There is one scene with switchlinc responder and Clinc as controller.

From the Clinc light would turn on but not off. If I try to turn light off from ISY half the time would not work and got communication errors. Sometimes would work using fast off. I did power reset on Switchlinc deleted scene and remade all to no avail. The status reported to ISY for the light would be off indicating command was received but not executed I assumed.


I have had intermittent problems also with my sunset scene where lights do not go on as expected. That seemed to be improved when APs were moved. Yesterday I moved some Access points. I have 2 APs and 4 dual band lamplincs. Essentially one in every other room on the main floor of the house and at least 2 on cross phases though I have not checked the others yet.


Last night my sunset scene went crazy again and 2 of the 5 lights to be turned on, did not go on. I had added extra code to check if all lights were on 5 minutes after sunset and retry the scene if it saw that some lights were not on. It did not kick in and turn on the lights. I just checked the log and below is what I saw


Scene:Sunset On 255 Mon 02/01/2010 05:47:12 PM

Driveway Lights Status 100% Mon 02/01/2010 05:47:12 PM

Pool House Status 100% Mon 02/01/2010 05:47:12 PM

Family Room Big Lamps Status 100% Mon 02/01/2010 05:47:12 PM

Family Room Small Table Status 100% Mon 02/01/2010 05:47:12PM Front Door Status 100% Mon 02/01/2010 05:47:12 PM


The status shows all 5 lights on yet the big lamps and Driveway were not on.


I now think I do have communication issues but am at a loss as why status is reported correctly but lights are not on..


Can anyone provide any insight



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I have been experienced mismatches between ISY-displayed status and actual device status. I am told that, under certain circumstances, ISY assumes a status based on commands sent, and does not necessarily rely on a query or response to confirm. Yes, communications sounds to me like a plausible explanation for your issues.

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Hi to both!


First let me answer oberkc's question: in the case of scene commands (not direct), ISY assumes that the devices responded unless there's a NACK from the PLM. In most cases, the PLM does not send a NACK. In case of direct commands, ISY ensures that the device responded otherwise you see Device Comm. Errors.


Steve, from what I see, I have a theory:

1. When you SWL is On, it does not respond to Off neither from ISY nor from your CL. This tells me that there's something with that LOAD that is causing the SWL to not respond

2. Since we are dealing with scenes and if in fact your SWL is still v.35, then I am almost certain replacing it will solve all the problems (unless the load is causing noise).



With kind regards,


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