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nodescnf.xml Network Attributes Topology


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Was pondering the Topology Report for its usefulness and ran across this in the ISY 994i Cookbook.


12.4.3 Viewing your Network XML File in Excel (Workaround)

All the attributes of your network for the ISY are stored in an xml file on your ISY. You can access this XML file by pointing your web browser to the file. You can take this one step further and open it with Excel’s built in reader.

• In your web browser open http://your.isy.ip:port/web/nodescnf.xml

• Use the "File --> Save As" and save it to your computer (if your using IE7 hit the Alt key one time to display the command bar to find File)

• Launch Excel and open the XML file

The nodescnf.xml file isn't at that location anymore with the Polisy IoT. Any idea where it might be if it still exists?

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