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What's the best Weather Node Server for PG3 / IoP ?

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I've been using Weatherbit with PG2 since the demise of the climate module but it has some issues:  Sometimes it does not update and in my case it never seems to indicate any rain.  I've been running PG2 exclusively up until today but have just completed updating my 3 free PG2 node servers to PG3 and am starting to investigate migrating the others, so this would be a good time to change, if needed.  As a minimum I want a NS that can report the high and low temps for the day, the current temp and the amount of rainfall.

What does everyone recommend?

Also - I don't seem to recall how I got the high, low and rainfall in my daily home email notification - can someone explain this?

(part of my notification is below)

Total Rain Today = ${sys.node.n006_forecast_0.GV7}
High Temperature = ${sys.node.n006_forecast_0.GV0}
Low Temperature  = ${sys.node.n006_forecast_0.GV1}

(Can't seem to find how to get the above values)

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I can't really answer the first part of your question with any authority, as I have my own PWS (WeatherFlow), but prior to getting that, I used Climacell node server and found it very useful at my location.

Regarding using substitution variables in your notification:

The values that appear in your notification can be derived from the Polyglot installation.  My WeatherFlow node server is installed in slot 12 (which is why you see .../node012... in the URL below).  I use the REST interface to look up the values, and I do this using this URL in a browser:

This returns XML that looks like this:

<node flag="0" nodeDefId="forecast">
<name>Forecast 0</name>
<family instance="12">10</family>
<parent type="1">n012_controller</parent>
<property id="GV0" value="32" formatted="32°F" uom="17" prec="1"/>
<property id="GV1" value="212" formatted="21.2°F" uom="17" prec="1"/>
<property id="GV13" value="4" formatted="Snow Possible" uom="25"/>
<property id="POP" value="30" formatted="30%" uom="51"/>
<property id="ST" value="0" formatted="Sunday" uom="75"/>

1977688103_Screenshot2022-12-04at3_01_47PM.thumb.png.dc3d153d8e484ca767337aedf94434a0.pngJust match up the "property id" with the "value" you're looking for, and it's pretty easy to figure out.

It's pretty easy to figure out the <address>n012_forecast_0</address> you want by looking at the AC (screenshot).

EDIT: See the wiki on Substitution Variables here:



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It turns out that Weatherbit changed the frequency at which you can get data for the free plans - short poll has to be >= 1800 and long poll >= 43200

If you poll too often, you'll get errors

Now I need to figure out why it's raining right now and the rain rate = 0.0000...


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