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Will X-10 devices work with eisy?


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On 12/21/2022 at 11:00 AM, RonnieB said:

Is there a way to still run X-10 devices on EISY?

My X10 module appeared after loading the ISY994i backup, so I presume so; I don't use them much any more. 

Did I read somewhere that Insteon devices repeat X10 signals?  That might extend the life of my X10 modules, which couldn't handle different power phases…

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Insteon devices only support X10 power line commands and do not repeat X10 commands on the power line or by RF signals. Dual band Insteon modules also  do not receive the X10 RF 310 MHz only the Insteon 915 MHz.

Some of the later Insteon modules dropped the Primary X10 address feature and did not support X10 at all.

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