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Ecobee first start up PIN

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Rookie/beginner question - 

I've installed Ecobee as my first node server on an Eisy.  The first step of the initial setup section of the README indicates "on first start up you will be given a PIN".  How is the PIN given?  My first guess was that the PIN would be shown in the Ecobee NS log.  The "Real-time Ecobee log file" section, though, is empty.  The Polyglot log file contains the following lines that may be related to the empty Ecobee log file:

12/28/2022, 09:02:27 [pg3] info: Starting log stream for pg3frontend_esyBs :: /var/polyglot/pg3/ns/0021b9026040_1/logs/debug.log
12/28/2022, 09:02:27 [pg3] error: unhandledRejection REPORT THIS!: [object Promise], reason: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, access '/var/polyglot/pg3/ns/0021b9026040_1/logs/debug.log'

As I indicated above, this is my first attempt at using a node server...do I need to configure/setup something in Eisy/Polyglot?


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From the README it says 

Initial setup

  1. On first start up you will be given a PIN.
  2. Login to the Ecobee web page, click on your profile, then click 'My Apps' > 'Add Application'.
  3. You will be prompted to enter the PIN provided.
  4. The Node Server will check every 60 seconds that you have completed the approval so do not restart the Node Server. You can monitor the log to see when the approval is recognized.
  5. Your thermostat will be added to ISY, along with nodes for any sensors, a node for the current weather, and a node for the forecast.

After the first run. It will refresh any changes every 3 minutes. This is a limitation imposed by Ecobee.


If I remember correctly, it will show up in the NS config tab.

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just to be sure, you are on PG3? you may have to uninstall it and start over. If I remember it worked for me exactly as the readme stated. A message should show up with a PIN, pretty sure under the config tab. then you have to go to the ecobee website adn create the link to the application as stated, using the PIN.

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17 minutes ago, mikeybob said:

Yes, it's PG3.  (That's the only PG listed with the Eisy, the menu option for PG2 has been removed.)  I've uninstalled the Ecobee NS and reinstalled, no change in behavior.

Try the (Re)Install button and put it in the same slot it is already installed in.

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