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Migrating PLM from HCA to eISY. Can I import everything already in the Link tables?

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I've been an HCA user for years and have always heard about the power if ISY, so I finally dove in and bought an eISY.  I connected my old PLM with over 50 devices and numerous scenes in the link table, and am able to see those links, but I can't find a way to add those devices to ISY without re-linking everything one by one which I assume will wreck all my scenes.


Any ideas?

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The eisy supports the 2413U. I'm assuming that all your devices are Insteon. If you want Zwave or Zigbee support then you'll need the Zmatter module for the eisy.

Unfortunately, you'll have to start from scratch. Doing a factory reset on the PLM, and all your devices, and then link them to the eisy. This is the only method for the link tables to be recognized by the eisy. Your programs and any scenes will have to be manually recreated in the eisy.

You'll first need to install the admin console from this link:  https://isy.universal-devices.com/start.jnlp

Prior to linking any devices you should do an "update packages", from the admin console, on the eisy which will bring it up to the current firmware version. 

The UDI Wiki contains a lot of useful information, take a look at this link:


Once you're up and running you'll find the eisy to be an impressive controller. Someone is always available on this forum to help if you have any questions.

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Okay thanks.  That’s a big bummer as I have been using this PLM and an Insteon hub for years and can’t go resetting all my devices. 

follow up question. Since eISY knows what’s in the link table on the PLM is there a way for me to manually add the devices to eISY by entering the name and Insteon address?  

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You can get eisy to crawl your INSTEON network (https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY-99i/ISY-26_INSTEON:Link_Management_Menu#Common_Options) but, as @Techman suggested, it's much cleaner/faster to start from scratch. Perhaps you can use the 2nd option just to bring in the IDs of all devices and then do the rest from eisy.

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I'm not clear on how this link option works.  It doesn't appear to crawl the network or import the PLM table but rather to just enter linking mode waiting for me to press the link button on all devices.  I get this progress bar, but nothing happens, and when I make a selection and click finish, the progress bar goes away.


I found this option under Add device, but it doesn't appear to do anything either...  Unless it's working in the background and I can't see it.


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