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Difficulty configuring polyglot


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I've got a weird problem with my polyglot v2 that is running on a raspberry pi. If I try to configure a node server (doesn't matter which one) it's like the page refreshes and wipes out any configuration changes if I don't do it fast enough. I've managed to get around this issue for a long time if I do it really quickly using copy and paste. I'm now trying to configure the notification server and I haven't been quick enough to add a pushover service node. It wipes everything out before I can save it. The polyglot is version 2.2.1. I've not been able to update it to 2.2.11 as others have noted. The ISY is 5.3.0. I've tried changing the config both in Chrome and Edge. I know my hardware is outdated but for the most part, it does the job and I'd really rather not upgrade. Anyone have any thoughts on this weird issue? 

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