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PG3x version 3.2.2 - OUTDATED


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Hello everyone,

Here's the latest PG3x release.

Release notes for: 3.2.2 - 08/18/2023

  • Added support for Bonjour discovery for UD Mobile (Upcoming UD Mobile feature)
  • Enhanced error handling with Bonjour discovery (UD Mobile & Node Server requests)
  • Update node's controller field when connection status is set
  • On the purchases page, add Re-install button when node server is already installed and up to date.
  • Fix for isyAccess flag when the same nsid is used across multiple stores
  • Fix for developerMode It was previously allowing developers to install other node servers in dev mode if developer had purchased it
  • Fix nodeserver table schema update
  • Enhanced logging of isyAccess flag's uuid & slot

After updating PG3x, unless you are migrating from PG3x 3.2.1, please click on System | Re-install all node servers.

If you were on PG3x 3.2.1 and you already re-installed your node servers, there is no need to re-install them.

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