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Is There Any Way To Change Status On Insteon 2342-2 Remote Keypad? (Don't think so)


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I am using an Insteon 2342-2 eight button keypad in our kitchen as my wife loves being able to turn on lights over the sink, under the counters and etc. One thing that bugs her is, when she turns a light on with the wireless keypad and then someone turns it off via the Insteon wall switch (keypad), the status of that button is always ON. This means that she has to push the uotton twice to turn the light back on. SInce the status of the remote button is on, even though the light is off via the other controller, the first button press sets the status as OFF then the 2nd button press sets the button ON and the light turns on as it should.

There is nothing in the details of the device that states that anything can be done other than "write changes". Even in a program.

It's no big deal to push twice, it would be nice if it would work in this manner. I understand how and why its set this way, but it would be GREAT if we could just set status in the eISY/ISY programs.



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I had the same problem, I just wrote a little program to update the LED based on the status of the device being controlled.

There are likely other ways to do it but this is what I did.

Bsmt KP D LED Update - [ID 0023][Parent 0001]

        Program 'Bsmt HRV On' is True
        Wait  2 seconds
        Set 'Keypad Bsmt LED D' On
        Wait  2 seconds
        Set 'Keypad Bsmt LED D' Off


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