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Curious Scene issue / misfire


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All,  I have a strange behavior happening and I've got an idea about it,  but I don't want to get too aggressive before the gallery here get's a chance at it. 

In my den,  I have a switchlink wall dimmer.   It has no load directly connected because the wiring goes to an outlet that is not in the right place.   I also have a lamp dimmer module plugged into an always on outlet where I want to put my lamp.   I have them both in a scene called Den, with the wall switch in control.   Nothing else is supposed to be in that scene.  It works as expected.  When I turn on the switchlink wall plate,  the LEDs on it climb up as expected,  and the lamp also brightens to the expected level.

In another room,  I have an On / Off switchlink in the wall,  with a ceiling fan connected as the load.   No scene involved,  turn on the switchlink LEDs go on and the fan operates.  Turn the wall switch off and the LEDs go down and the fan turns off.

Now for the strange part.   If I use the ISY Admin Console, or if I use Amazon Echo,   the 'Den' scene controls the Den lamp module,  the LEDs on the wall plate as before AND the Ceiling fan!   I don't see any programming done wrong in in the admin console,  but I must have something wrong in the ISY,  because I only see the problem when using the ISY control of the Den scene,  or Amazon Echo using the Den scene.

I'm thinking my next  move might be to delete the Den scene and see if anything changes and then rebuild it and see if it stops controlling the Ceiling fan.

Any thoughts on what I should be looking for ?



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@Eric just so everybody knows what you're working with please let us know:

  • Device
  • Firmware

While the answer normally wouldn't change all that much there appear to be a lot of long-time ISY994 users still on a 4.x firmware. There were big changes when going to 5.x. Also, nice to know if using a current model device (eisy or Polisy).


Now, you might want to look at what you have setup for the controller for the scenes. Remember if you control the scene from the admin console that is a controller and it might not have the same settings as a button or switch setup as a controller. 

If you expand the scene compare the settings of the red devices in the scene with the settings (actions) of the root. The ISY service (i.e. admin console and possibly the Alexa) would act as the root to control the scene. 

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It's a new eisy.  Firmware IoX v.5.7.0     UI also I0X v.5.7.0  (eisy (5226)


Dennis,  I just did the restore.  Still the same issue.    The nutty thing to remember is that if everything is on,  and I use the wall switch in the Den,  the den turns off and the ceiling fan remains on as it should.  But if I use the admin console,  or amazon echo to turn off the den,  the ceiling fan also goes off, which it should not.    Seems to me like there is something wrong with the 'Den' scene....I just can't see anything wrong.  

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Sounds like another program is in play. Try using the search function to see if the device is listed in another program. Right click on programe name and select find/replace.

If there is nothing else involved, I would suggest recreating the scene paying close attention to @Geddy comment above about controller of scene.

FYI, here is a guide of examples you can use:




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