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ISY994i Power Supply Voltage


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We recently had a power outage and my ISY994i did not come back online afterward. The "power" LED came on but otherwise the device seemed completely dead. As others have experienced, I isolated the issue to the wall wart power supply. It is a 5VDC supply, and even though I measured ~4.99V with a multimeter, the ISY did not work. I have temporarily substituted a universal wall wart (with selectable output voltage) and the ISY works fine.


I noticed the UD website sells a replacement power supply which is 12V, and have ordered one. I saw other posts here that mention that the ISY994i accepts a range of input voltage, but I would like to know if there are specs published somewhere to confirm this. I just want to make sure that it is OK to power it with 12V, and find out if there are any caveats.



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