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Color Picker for UD Mobile?


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Hello Javi,

I've seen some chatter over the years about adding a color picker to UD Mobile.  Is that still on the roadmap?  I've been getting by with a web based color to hex tool and copy/pasting into UD Mobile but it would be soooo much nicer if we could just do this at the point of use within UD Mobile.

Any thoughts / timeline?

Thanks and keep up the awesome work!



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What would be even more useful to me would be to have a small palette (maybe ten) of my chosen colors. I actually don't mind using the existing hex system to define what those colors are since I'll probably only have to do that once. Once I have chosen the colors I want, I would like to be able to easily select them from my favorites palette when necessary.


Thanks again @Javi for all your hard work on the app. It has passed the "wife test" for usability which is a very high bar. Congratulations. ;-)

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