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System not connected to internet. Cannot upgrade to version 5.

Bill S

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I have ISY994i.I am following the instructions pages 443-449 of manual.

I choose File Enable Internet, I get error message "Failed Enabling Internet Access."

In Admin Console, Configuration Portals, my device shows Offline Registered. How do I get it online to use the Portal Integration. Also need to update to firmware 5, as I have no button to upgrade the firmware. Can I be helped?

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The firmware and instructions for installing it can be found here:

5.3.4 (ISY994) - Last release for ISY994 - Current Release Announcements - Universal Devices Forum (universal-devices.com)

Be sure to read and follow the instructions exactly.

The firmware should be downloaded to your desktop, it will be in the ZIP format. DO NOT unzip it.

Note: I'm assuming that you do not have the 300 Series Zwave board installed.



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3 minutes ago, Bill S said:

So how do I get the doggone thing connected to the internet?

If you have a network cable connected to you Isy, you should be already connected to the internet.

Download the firmware to your computer and remember where it downloaded to on your computer. Open the admin console and connect to your Isy. You will update your Isy with the file you downloaded.

As @Techmansaid, follow the instructions word for word.

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1 minute ago, Bill S said:

So how do I get the doggone thing connected to the internet?

Do you have a network cable connected to it? 

If you're looking at the Help -> About and see "Internet Access: Disabled" that is NORMAL and expected. That is not intended to be available any longer.


In the Admin Console click on the "Configuration" tab. Then on the "Portals" tab. Make sure there is an "Active Services" area and it says "Registered". It might be pending.

Also, even though you said the portal says the device is registered, but offline, do you have an active portal license?

Confirm on the portal:



Next, what are the lights on the front of the ISY994 doing?


Perhaps power cycle and watch the lights. Compare to what the Wiki has for any errors or issues during bootup.

Finally, make sure if you have a network cable from the ISY994 to a switch or router then make sure it's actively connected to your network. Log into your router and look for "Connected Devices" or something similar. Look for a MAC address that is the same as your UUID (I think that still applied to the ISY994, I know it does on Polisy and eisy).

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for your help folks. First, I was able to upgrade to v5.3.4. Then, while struggling through the various help pages, I decided to reset the device. I restored the backup. resetting networking to DHCP. The device went online.

Help | About still says that Internet Access is Disabled, but I think this is what it is supposed to show. Configuration | Portals shows the device is online to the Portal. When I go to the Portal, it says it is online. It is looking good.

As expected, the Z-Wave devices did not restore from the backup. And Z-Wave menu shows "Z-Wave dongle not responding." I hope I am not hosed in that I have an ISY994izw that no longer supports Z-Wave. This would really stink.

Can you help me on this, or direct me to where I can do so?

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I did not know what a Z-Wave dongle is, but I was able to figure it out from the help pages. I have a blue lamp on the back of my device.

I installed the above firmware. Thankfully, my device was not ruined, as it states in some of the help. The Z-Wave options now appear.

Thank you for your help.

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I have a 300 dongle. I know this because there is a blue lamp on the back, and the posts say that if you have that, you have a 300 dongle.

My Insteon devices and programs are all working. even my old X10 devices are working.

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I apologize that I neglected to specify this on a previous message when you asked what is my ISY firmware version. It is indeed 5.0.16C.

I do have a an ISY backup that contained the Z-wave devices. When I restored it, the Z-wave devices did not return. I did not take a separate Z-wave backup. I figured that the ISY backup would save the Z-wave information. Apparently, it does not.

Since they were not in the ISY backup, I unenrolled all three Z-wave devices (even thought they did not appear in the controller display). I also factory reset my Schlage locks. I attempted to enroll the Schlage locks and the Minoston wall switch. They would not reenroll.

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Zwave requires a seperate backup. I was going to suggest that you do a restore Zwave, but being that you never backed up your zwave there's nothing to restore.

When you include your zwave devices, start with the Minoston switch which will act a a zwave repeater for the locks. If you are still unable to include the locks then you may have to move them closer to the ISY to exclude/include them. 

Adding a zwave repeater between the locks and the ISY should improve the zwave network.  

If you're still unable to install the locks it may be because S2 security is enabled on your devices. I don't think the 300 series board suported S2 security

If you're still having issues with adding the devices try doing a factory reset on the zwave dongle, then an exlude / include on your devices.

Once you have all you zwave device installed, do a zwave backup.  

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  • 3 months later...

About to ask another question, and decided to comment here because I had not responded to the recent messages.

I trashed the Minoston, as it just did not seem to work. I switched to Jabra's Enbrighton switches and they work great. I installed five of them throughout the house, including a two-way. The instructions are easy.

I now have five zwave light switches, one INSTEON switch, two Schlage locks, and two old X10 switches. The ISY994izw is great. It controls all of them. And also through my Google Home Mini and my Amazon Echo.

Thanks for your help. Please look for another post from me asking another question. It is a new question, so I did not want to put it here.

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