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Migrating z-wave from ISY994 to eisy question


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I have a large Insteon deployment that I'm migrating to eisy. I have only a hand full of z-wave (smoke detector, 4 or 5 wall plugs) and they are not included in any scenes or programs.....I was just playing/learning to use them.

The instructions seem a little complex for the z-wave to eisy movements (I'm more of twice-a-year ISY end user, vs. knowledgeable expert)  and so is there any harm to simply not migrating the z-waves, reset them to factory (is that possible? ) and then re-adding them to eisy when I've got that running ? ( I purchased the dongle)

I had thoughts about moving to z-wave, but a number of very helpful forum posters convinced me there's still life in the Insteon/I3 platform for the next couple of years, so I don't see a near term need for z-wave migration....)

Thoughts ?

(Thank you in advance)

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@SLP Since you just have limited Z-Wave currently I would remove them from the ISY994 before trying to migrate. This way you've got a blank slate on the Z-Wave side and only the Insteon to migrate.

I don't use much Z-Wave so don't know the "proper"/best way to remove them from the system, but if there's an exclude process I would do that. Then delete them from the listing of devices.

One important step I usually suggest to everybody in the migration phase is to make a TEXT FILE copy of all your existing programs. Go to the Programs Tab and right click the "My Programs" (or root) folder and then select "Copy Folder to Clipboard". (note...use the "COPY" option...don't use/click export). Paste that into a text editor program (Windows use Notepad).


Make sure you read/review the migration steps in the Wiki before attempting. Don't try to read as you go as the steps can be somewhat confusing and reading them before attempting gives you an idea of what will come next and make sure you follow them accurately. 

Setting up the Z-Wave on the eisy w/ ZMatter should be fairly simple and straight forward with low number of devices. Just search the forums for the devices you have in case others have had issues adding/controlling them with the ZMatter dongle.

Good luck!



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