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Initial Geofence setup questions

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I'm trying to set up the Occupancy 2.0 feature with a new eISY.  I think I'm missing some sort of configuration somewhere but I can't seem to pinpoint it.  I've setup a geofence on my iPhone but I think there's a connectivity issue with my Portal.  For example, I don't see the Geofence created from my iPhone show up on the Portal.  When I click on 'add geofence', I either get unauthorized or configuration error.  Where is this configured?  There's probably some old values somewhere from my previous installation that need to be cleaned up.





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I've been following the instructions and I get stuck here:
"After System is connected to Portal g to "Select Tool" > Occupancy v2.0. Click Add Geofence, in this example I use "Home Geofence", then save".  When I try to add the geofence I get the "node server is not configured" error above.  I completed the prerequisite steps of configuring the connection and uploading node definitions and rebooting ISY.  There is a green dot next to my eISY on the main screen (and a grey dot next to my old ISY994 that I'm no longer using).

If the occupancy node server is truly not needed then maybe all of this is unnecessary.  However, this statement makes me think I need it: "However the Occupancy v2.0 Node Server may make tracking a locations occupancy easier if there are multiple users.".  I have 4 users/devices within my house that I'd like to configure.


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