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eISY not connecting to 2413u

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I bought my eISY last year to upgrade my 994.  I replaced my 2413s with a 2413u, ported everything over and for the last few months all has been well.

Recently my eISY has lost connection to the 2413u.  In diagnostics it says 'not connected'

I did a hard reset on the PLM, power cycled the eISY and made sure the cable was plugged in properly but no luck.

This sounds like a PLM failure, right?  Or is there something else for me to try?


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9 hours ago, Techman said:

The PLM is the current version, it's rare for that to fail so soon. Try unplugging it for a few minutes.  If that doesn't help then try a different USB port on the EISY and/or a new USB cable

I recently set up a new eisy on a new 2413u and had the same problem. It took several eisy power off / on cycles, including a longer off (~30 secs) for it to work.. and since then its been fine.

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So it's embarrassing to admit this but it was my own fault.

I was changing some entries on the configuration page the other day and I must have accidentally unclicked  'enable insteon support'. Re-enabled and now working.  I must have touched my touchscreen or something




Thanks for the help, though.  

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