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Zigbee not pairing

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I just got my first Hue bulb and it paired to the eisy Zigbee right away. But after doing a Factory Reset Zigbee Dongle I am no longer able to pair the bulb. Tried rebooting the eisy sever times and did a factory reset on the bulb but still can't get it to pair. I have no other Zigbee devices to try. Any thoughts would be apricated. Seems to be associated with doing the factory reset on the dongle.

Thanks Gary

eisy  IoX v.5.8.3

I got these errors from the IoX error log at the time I put Zigbee into pairing mode.



ISY Error Log.v5.8.3__Tue 2024.06.11 09.30.08 PM.txt

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Good news. I powered down the eisy and plugged the dongle into a different usb port and now Zigbee is working. I had done a power reset before but didn't change the dongle usb port. Strangely Z-wave was always working while plugged into the original usb port. Can't explain why it worked initially but didn't work after a Zigbee factory reset in that usb port.

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