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What's in the next release (2.8.16)

Chris Jahn

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Firmware version 2.8.16 is now our official release:



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.16


Known Bugs




If you choose to downgrade from this release to 2.8.8 and below, YOU MUST UPDATE THE TIMEZONE again once downgraded.


Bug Fixes

- None



- 994 Enhancements for Zigbee SEP 1.1

- 992 Enhancements for Zigbee SEP 1.1




Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.15


Known Bugs




If you choose to downgrade from this release to 2.8.8 and below, YOU MUST UPDATE THE TIMEZONE again once downgraded.


Bug Fixes

- Intermittent on level slider (at min and max)

- Race condition with DSCLinc calling Programs that tried to communicate with devices with communications problems







Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.14


Known Bugs




If you choose to downgrade from this release to 2.8.8 and below, YOU MUST UPDATE THE TIMEZONE again once downgraded.


Bug Fixes

- EZIO relays are not controllable

- 2477D showed up with 5 nodes

- IO device could not be turned on/off

- Reset button was visible for some devices







Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.13


Known Bugs




If you choose to downgrade from this release to 2.8.8 and below, YOU MUST UPDATE THE TIMEZONE again once downgraded.


Bug Fixes

Intermittent system hang when using UPnP to enable port forwarding on some routers and specifically Verizon and ActionTec









Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.12


Known Bugs

Intermittent system hang when using UPnP to enable port forwarding on some routers and specifically Verizon and ActionTec



If you choose to downgrade from this release to 2.8.8 and below, YOU MUST UPDATE THE TIMEZONE again once downgraded.


Bug Fixes

1. Critical section for programs/rest (no network access)

2. Replacement for 2477DH with other SWL models

3. IO command was being sent to motion sensor randomly




- Support for PRO series






Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.11


Known Bugs




If you choose to downgrade from this release to 2.8.8 and below, YOU MUST UPDATE THE TIMEZONE again once downgraded.


Bug Fixes

- Changing to DHCP caused a system hang

- Retrieving system log failed in some instances

- SynchroLinc showed Accumlated Power

- Load controller shows 0/255 in HTML

- Added Beep to iMeter Solo

- Notification Content dialog: Esc = Cancel, Tab = subject to body focus

- Net resource restore created new IDs

- Net resource activation delays

- Program Control condition for 2457D2X




- Support for 2477DH

- WeatherBug variables in notifications



- /rest/log

- /rest/log?reset=true ... clears all system log entries

- /rest/log/error

- /rest/log/error?reset=true ... clears all error log entries




Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.10


Known Bugs

1. In case of very low DHCP lease period, if you change the settings from static IP address to DHCP, the system may crash. Although the settings do take hold, the only remedy is to reboot



If you choose to downgrade from this release to 2.8.8 and below, YOU MUST UPDATE THE TIMEZONE again once downgraded.


Bug Fixes

- XS does not exit shell

- OL/RR settings hang the UI in case of slow communications

- SynchroLinc query does not work

- Chart did not work with 24 hour clock

- Java certificate issue causing all sorts of unexplainable behavior



- Full support for iMeter Solo



Added the following controls:

- RESET to reset iMeterSolo

- CPW currentPower ... currently not used

- TPW totalPower in kWs (/3600 for kWh)



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.9

Bug Fixes

- Pressing Enter on new folder dialog creates two folders

- Timezone fix for n.5 offset

- Program Details menu items not selectable when the node is near the bottom of the screen



- Sunrise/Sunset text

- Safe Mode dialog in case of PLM communications errors




System Status Control ("_5"):




SystemStatus added InSafeMode element



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.8

Bug Fixes

- SyncrhoLinc status is not updated in the Admin Console

- Brultech precision issues resolved

- SMTP issues with Mercury

- In case of many network resources, in the program details tab, no scrollbars were visible

- 381: Empty email address prevents Backup

- Network Resource: TCP C Escaped \r\n does not show in the Body

- Formatted values for Heat/Cool/Fan /rest/nodes returned numbers instead of on/off



- Scene test now turns on the scene before turning it off and doing the test+warning about programs

- Program names can now be up to 64 characters (HTML/REST)

- 387: Add program execution menus to programs in the Program Details tab

- More efficient way of handling notification, network resources, and WOL configurations

- Most dialogs are now Escape/Enter key aware (Escape=cancel, Enter=ok if and only if applicable)



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.7

Bug Fixes

-Diagnostics context menu would only show the first link for Device Link Table

-Intermittent notifications especially when using Test button

-Locate me issues

-MAC: Scene slider UI issues while scrolling



-Frame icon is now the same as application icon in JNLP

-Finder icon is now the same as frame icon

-Finder can now be closed via the close (x) button

-339: Support for Military (24 Hour) time format

-301: Custom notifications



Get/Set SystemDateTime now includes IsMilitary element for 24hr clock settings




Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.6

Bug Fixes

- Dimmer level disappears when temperature update is sent from the thermostats

- Device/ISY Link Table Compare does not work

- Programs do not work if activating a scene




- Changed managed by/manages to Is Controller for and Is Responder to

- Changed icon for membership

- Changed Remove to Delete in some places

- Added icons to Program menu (Details/Summary)



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.5

Bug Fixes

- Motion Sensor light level fixed

- Description for 2476D corrected

- Not adding master link for EZIO input nodes

- Network stability issues

- 369: Contextual menu does not work when event viewer is in the way

- 403: MacBook Pro No right click in Java



- Support for SyncrhoLinc

- Support for iMeter Solo [partial]

- Terms and conditions not as annoying

- Tree sorting enhanced

- Context Menu Icon enhancements

- When a selected node is renamed, the selected node keeps focus instead of giving focus to the last occurrence of the node being renamed (for instance in other scenes)

- 210: Sort membership

- 222: Immediate level setting for dimmers (in addition to Dim/Bright


- 293: Multi-Select Scenes to move to or remove from a folder

- 356: When adding controllers in a scene, automatically copy current scene attributes to responders

- 370: Event Viewer levels are now in a list (instead of a popup dialog)

- 388: Unlike all other Controllers in a scene, the path for ControLinc/RemoteLincs are not displayed

- 391: Diagnostics context menu on nodes

- 401: Node keyboard shortcuts:

    F2 - Renames the node
    Delete - Removes the node






Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.4

Bug Fixes

- Minor update to mitigate the slow system response time in the case of device communications errors



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.3

Bug Fixes

- Sent time is notifications is not accurate

- REGRESSION: Adding nodes without providing a name fails

- Bug 392: Motion Sensor Low Battery cannot be cleared

- Bug 384: Per cent character ('%') in names causes problems

- Fixed the issue where the applet was not closing after an upgrade/restore

- EZIO8T has 3 inputs not eight

- Not accepting the disclaimer no longer closes the browser

- Fixed the truncation issue with SOAPACTION in Network Resource

- Rare network disconnect issues using DHCP

- Portal communications issues caused intermittent system hang



- Added more options for the Motion Sensor (http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... 8300#38300)

- In Add New INSTEON Device dialog, the Address is now the first element and then the name

- Device database access enhancements



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.2

Bug fixes

- Load controllers not showing up as controls in program conditions

- EZIO relay status was reported incorrectly when controlled from the Admin Console

- Network module didn't properly encode binary values

- Updated EZX10RF instructions (thanks to Mr. Roehrborn)

- Multiple login issue with the applet



- Support for MorningLinc

- Users must now agree to terms and conditions otherwise the application closes

- Upgrade to IR can now be done online

- Java certificate extension till 2013



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.8.1


Bug fixes

- SD Card size was reported incorrectly

- Fade up/Fade down issue with relays

- When network down, we should not process network related activities

- Rain Rate mm/h and inches/hr instead of just /hr

- No more errors at start up in the absence of config files such as open adr/fyp/web/etc.

- Removed Thermostat Setpoint: All programs depending on this property must be changed to either Cool or Heat setpoint

- InlineLinc dimmers not showing on level in programs

- 2876DB did not show up in the program conditions

- Rare SSL hang issues

- Network resource: binary values above 127 were considered negative

- Fixed the node menu not showing up at the bottom/top of the tree

- Motion Sensor timeout value can now be set to up to 2 hours

- Added a scroller to the Replacement menu



- Official support for most EZxx devices Note: for EZFlora, you must have the latest firmware from SHN

- Support for KPL Relay 2486SWH8

- Support for Dual Band 240 Load Controllers (2477SA1 and 2477SA2)

- Support for Support for SWL2477 Dual Band

- Error log is now separated from the system log

- Portal integration with Check-It Monitoring energy management portal

- Sent time stamp in notifications (the time the message was actually sent)



- Major changes in the Electricity Monitor events

- Added Raw action for Brultech:


- SetNodePowerInfo : supported only on 992/4 platforms

- GetNodePowerInfo : supported only on 992/4 platforms

- GetCurrentSystemStatus ... causes ISY to publish the status of the nodes to the subscriber





Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.7.15

bug fixes:

- Updated instructions for linking an IRLinc

- Fixed the log/chart bug (on multiple drives)

- Added support for SWL220 w Beeper

- Fixed the KPL backlight issue

- Added Rain Rate to WB module




Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.7.14 RC1

- Charts did not show the correct value for nodes in folders

- Added folders to chart nodes

- Folders with the same name could not be added

- Null pointer exception for pop up menu at the edges of the screen

- Network Module/Web Server - could not add files after removing directories

- Linux - Network Module/Web Server - could not drag/drop directories

- Added Control parameter for BiPhy LampLincs

- Adding an Action of Thermostat Query … when Admin Console is restarted, it comes back with Null

- The nodes in program are sorted by their names and not by the path. So, devices in the same folder but with different names are not listed sequentially



Bug Fixes and Enhancements in 2.7.13

- 2476D w/sense ... no on levels in programs

- KPL sub button status not reflected correctly in the case of All On/All Off

- Crash while migrating IRLinc TX files

- UD Chart showing invalid dates

- Log shows invalid characters when done through HTML interface

- Alphabetical sorting of groups/nodes in the Chart utility

- Replace does not update the Adjust Scene settings

- Added Device/Node paths in the programs

- More consistent naming/icons for batch/battery devices (PRO only)





To receive instructions for installing 2.7.12, you must register at http://eepurl.com/ha4Z

Bugs in 2.7.12

Bug xxx - TriggerLinc had dim/bright buttons

Bug xxx - Remove individual IRLinc buttons

Bug xxx - ActionTec/Westell Verizon FIOS routers blocked all TCP connectionss



Enhancements in 2.7.12

Support for: http://www.smarthome.com/2476S/SwitchLi ... ite/p.aspx




Bugs in 2.7.11

Bug xxx: Network Module/MAC ... copy from left to right instead of drag/drop

Bug xxx: Right mouse click on multi-selected nodes deselects everything

Bug xxx: EZRain Query intermittent

Bug xxx: File open error when adding a device using “New Insteon Device”

Bug xxx: Error when adding an I2 only device to ISY (such as Motion Sensor)

Bug xxx: Cannot update KPL OL/RR for secondary button in a scene

Bug xxx: Scene OL/RR shows 0%/9min for some links

Bug xxx: i2 calibration is done twice when devices are added by address


Enhancements in 2.7.11

1. REST api for battery powered device writes

2. Support for LampLinc 2-Pin Dimmer 2457D2X

3. Log date format changed to yyyy.mm.dd hh:mm:ss





Bugs in 2.7.10

1. Cannot add Motion Sensors and TriggerLincs (I2 devices)



Fixes in 2.7.10:

Bug xxx: X10 configuration caused system to crash

Bug xxx: X10 devices with unit codes 16 never reported status

Bug xxx: Bug 204: Program Copy should copy Enabled state

Bug xxx: Children of main node would turn blue if inside folders

Bug xxx: Duplicate warning on button grouping reset

Bug xxx: 2876D does not show the on levels in the programs

Bug xxx: Network Module ... duplicate entries for each time the panel is displayed

Bug xxx: Netwrok Module ... menu items are quirky

Bug xxx: Run at startup flag not set properly

Bug xxx: Topology improvements

Bug xxx: Backlight for SwitchLincs

Bug xxx: Log entries show zero when queried by programs

Bug xxx: Filenames are now of the form

Bug xxx: IRLinc TX issues

Bug xxx: Better upgrade handling in the presence of firewall software


Bug xxx: Restore device on Motion Sensor does not prompt for programming mode

Bug xxx: http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... 8384#28384 (ol/rr cannot be set)


Bug 204: Program Copy should copy Enabled state


MAC Only:

Bug xxx: Logs using Excel does not work

Bug xxx: SSL Certificate utility does not work on MAC


A variety of system configuration file issues contributing to many issues mostly affecting KPLs and links between devices.




Due to the relatively high severity of bugs found in 2.7.9, it's strongly advised to either wait for release 2.7.10 or install 2.7.7 instead. If you would like to get instructions for 2.7.7, please send an email to support@universal-devices.com.


Please note that if you so choose to install 2.7.9, all your INSTEON changes will be lost in 2.7.10 as you would have to restore a backup from a release prior to 2.7.8.


If you are already using 2.7.9::

1. Please do not make any changes to your INSTEON configuration (i.e scenes, devices, restoring devices, restoring PLM, etc.). Program changes are OK

2. Please do not use any backup of 2.7.9 on 2.7.10 and above






Instructions for 2.7.8/9 can be found here: http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... hp?p=27368 .


Known Bugs in 2.7.9

KPL issues: adding sub button and load to a scene does not work in 99i Series (it works in PRO)

KPL/RL issues: adding a button to a scene removes the slave link in the PLM

ELK issues: There seems to be a bug where adding the security code in the configuration causes a crash. Please do not use the security code in the configuration page since it really does not provide any function yet

X10 issues: In some cases, the system may crash. In others, the A10/X10 module cannot readily process X10 commands/messages



Fixes in 2.7.9

Bug xxx - http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... 7526#27526

Bug xxx - Canceling the address book causes maintains the state forever as such no new emails could be added

Bug xxx - MAC: In address book dialog, Add button not visible

Bug xxx - SwitchLinc now uses 0-255 for backlight level in programs

Bug 82: Replace device should update programs

Bug 189: Search/Replace now correctly finds entries with

Regression: EZSnSRF nodes can now be registered in ISY: http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... 7622#27622

Regression: IRLinc nodes can now be registered in ISY

Regression: Upgrade to pro removes other modules




Regression fixes since 2.7.7

Bug xxx - MAC issues with network configuration fields

Bug xxx - Downgrade to 2.7.6 and below failed (crossdomain.xml)

Bug 336 - Linux: Program Details/Summary tab blank


Fixes in 2.7.8

Bug 214 - Mutually Exclusive Buttons have incorrect Status

Bug 319 - Linux: ISY Finder always shows Not Found

Bug 319 - Linux: Discoloration on the Configuration tab

Bug 319 - Web Server tab blank

Bug 332 - Sliders missing in the Scene view

Bug 334 - IOLinc Options are wrong on GUI

Bug 347 - Notification Timestamps are different from Last Runtime Timestamps

Bug 349 - Notifications not sent if multiple happens at close intervals

Bug 350 - Include the Scene's Address in the View

Bug xxx - SSL utility now points to https://www.homeorchestrator.com/ssl/insteon

Bug xxx - IOLinc Sensor should act as a controller only (not a responder)

Bug xxx - IOLinc momentary timeout has no effect

Bug xxx - rest/sys inoperable

Bug xxx - Added on levels for programs for LampLinc BiPhy

Bug xxx - Restore device did not restore KPL button linkages on the same device

Bug xxx - Restore device did not restore KPL button toggle modes


Enhancements in 2.7.8


99i Series Only

Bug 231 - Support for BEEP

Bug 274 - Thermostats cannot be included in scenes

Bug xxx - Support for V2 Thermostats

Bug xxx - Support for SDHC SD Cards with capacities up to 16GB

Bug xxx - New folder is now automatically moved to the selected parent folder if any



99i Series PRO Only

Bug xxx - Batch Mode

Bug 157 - Estimate time to create scenes

Bug 245 - When 'restore PLM' fails, user should be provided with a list of which devices failed

Bug 252 - Failed Linking Cleanup

Bug 335 - Notification to the Admin Console of what device is going to be restored





Bug 012 - Notifiations to different email groups

Bug 237 - Enhancements for Mutually Exclusive Buttons

Bug 269 - KPL brightness adjusted through programs

Bug 325 - KPL Buttons Switching (When A is on turn B off but not vice-versa)

Bug 357 - Rename all grouped/associated buttons at the same time

Bug 359 - Mail send is too slow ... minor performance improvements

Bug xxx - Progress bar visible even if application iconified

Bug xxx - Added support for Icon ApplianceLinc 3-Pin

Bug xxx - Added support for Icon Relay 2876SB

Bug xxx - Added support for ApplianceLinc/Outdoor module 2456S3E

Bug xxx - Added support for Icon Switch Dimmer 2876DB

Bug xxx - Added support for ToggleLinc V5

Bug xxx - Backlight adjustable through programs

Bug xxx - Topology filename now includes the date

Bug xxx - Toolbar: New Folder is now context sensitive

Bug xxx - Move dialog now lists controllers in red and responders in green


Developer - 99i PRO Series Only


/rest/nodes//write -- Writes all pending changes to the device


--- Batch ---

/rest/batch -- Returns batch mode "[0|1]"

/rest/batch/on -- Does not write changes to device, only to .REC files

/rest/batch/off -- Writes all pending changes to devices and no longer buffers changes

/rest/batteryPoweredWrites/on -- Writes all pending changes to battery powered devices when batch is off.

/rest/batteryPoweredWrites/off -- Does not write changes to battery



powered devices when batch is off.

Fixes in 2.7.7

If you are interested in 2.7.7 Alpha, please send an email to support@universal-devices.com

- Better firewall handling (network priorities)

- Error handling was broken

- Status of disabled devices changed in scenes

- Clock to 1941; added constraints to 1980 and

- Stayed in linking mode forever if the admin console was shutdown during linking

- Motion Sensor Low Bat status can now be cleared by doing a query on the node

- Thermostat error reporting

- Removed unnecessary events going to the programs

- Error condition saved but not resaved when corrected

- Bug 295 - Context menu not always displayed on first/last nodes in the tree

- Bug 316 - Menu incorrect for grouped nodes

- Bug 292 - A folder can be nested into itself

- Bug 285 - Insteon addresses incorrectly sorted

- Bug 294 - Relay devices show dimmed status

- Bug 266 - Folders have inapplicable menu items

- Bug 315 - Sorting by state wrong

- Bug 288 - Program Enabled Checkbox not displaying correctly

- Bug 330 - Event Viewer time is off

- Bug 329 - Compare displays some identical links as Extra Record

- Bug 326 - Log file in wrong directory for Excel

- Bug xxx - KeypadLincs did not show on levels in the program action

- Bug xxx - Cool and Heat setpoints not available in program conditions

- Bug xxx - EZSnSRF is added as a responder

- Bug xxx - Regression - IRLinc cannot be added correctly

- Bug xxx - System crash when using iLinc in HTTPS mode

- Bug xxx - UDI Storefront down for module purchases


Enhancements in 2.7.7 (Shared 26/99)

- Locate Me ... locates the closest match to the city where the IP is originating from

- Support for B2457D2 LampLinc BiPhy Dimmer

- Enhanced images for the programs

- Added Fast On/off to switches

- IOLinc timer values now in 10th of seconds

- Can now find ISY by simply typing http://isy in your browser (Windows)

- Can now update network settings (IP address, mask, gateway, dns, ports) from the Admin Console

- Bug 292 - Folders with Conditions should be Flagged

- Bug 244 - Do not close window when user initiates a scene test

- Bug 331 - Support for folders in HTML, Topology, and the log


ISY99 Series Only Enhancements

- Support for Brultech ECM1240

- Support for IRLinc TX



- WSDL 2.0 - WS-I compliant Document/Literal

- /rest/sys -- system configuration

- /rest/time -- system time

- /rest/network -- network configuration








Fixes in 2.7.6

- Task priority for HTTP/HTTPS (system hang)

- Backlight on/off levels are now separate

- No query action in programs for EZIO and EZRain devices

- AT&T text domain updated + others

- Bug 279: relay devices not in Adjust Scene

- Bug 272: WeatherBug data incorrectly interpreted

- Bug 181: Can't add two consecutive addresses to receipients

- Bug 253: Notification Settings do not check for valid email address

- Thermostat Program Auto mode now shows both set points



Enhancements in 2.7.6

- Bug 282: /rest/time to get system date time

- Bug 54: disabled programs to show up with red X

- Bug 159: KPL (V2) non toggle status now shows on/off

- Bug 233: Warnings for firmware update/ISY restore

- Bug 200: Folders are not flagged when modified

- Bug 239: newer SwitchLincs include the ability to adjust the LED brightness level -- NOT TESTED

- Applet-less operations using JNLP (no browser necessary)


ISY99 Series Only Enhancements

- You can now group devices with more than one node by using Group Devices menu option

- Bug 16: Support for folders to group devices/scenes (into rooms/locations/etc.)

- Bug 91: disable device feature allows you to disable a device (not addressed in queries)



--The following services were added:






--WSDK updates with the schema for the latest nodes config.



--- /rest/nodes/folders -- returns folders (99 only)

--- /rest/time -- returns time configuration




Fixes in 2.7.5

- When IOLinc to other controllers, the on level and ramp rate are set to 0 (on turns it off)

- 99i - Open ADR/Flex Your Power modules were not automatically installed for devices that already had other modules

- /rest/query never returned success


Enhancements in 2.7.5

- Thermostat Cool/Heat setpoints are now supported in the Admin Console

- Support for SwitchLinc Relay 220 Volts


- 99i/Developer

-- /rest/nodes now returns setpoints and mode for thermostats

-- all returned properties now include a UOM


- 99i/Networking

-- /rest/networking/resources -- returns network resource config

-- /rest/networking/resources/ -- activates the resource identified by id

-- /rest/networking/wol -- returns WOL config

-- /rest/networking/wol/ -- activates the WOL rule identified by id




Fixes in 2.7.4

- IOLinc status showing 1% instead of on

- Changed the maximum KPL backlight brightness to 127

- Network Resource - Escaping the URL is now optional and selectable

- Network Resource - The body now can be escaped fully and without exceptions

- ELK HTML page not accessible via mobile devices

- REST interface shows double the value of humidity

- SSL certificates not able to be imported to IE. You will have to reinstall a new certificate using https://www.universal-devices.com/ssl/insteon

- Network performance improvements

- Spurious responder links in Controller Only devices

- Net Resource TCP read issue


Enhancements in 2.7.4

- Support for TriggerLinc (multi-mode)

- Net Resources

-- Duplicate/copy a rule

-- Export rules

-- Import rules (adds to the current configuration)

-- Restore rules (overwrites the current configuration)

-- Added C Escaped mode which allows one to add special characters in an otherwise Raw Text mode (i.e. \r \n \t, etc.)






Fixes in 2.7.3

- .css files not reported correctly

- REST interface: subsequent /cmd/ URLs would fail

- Request failed when accessing IOLinc Options

- Linux fixes (Change Location and GUI anomalies)

- Controller only devices status was updated if another controller or scene controlled the scene

- [bug 187] Weather module English/Metric conversions

- [bug 205] Expand/Collapse all for both nodes as well as programs

- [forum]Turning buttons would turn on the load

- [bug 238] Linking mode requester not called from Links Table function

- [forum] HTTPS issues with iPhone

- Status of IOLinc incorrect : THIS IS IOLinc Firmware issue

- Humidity value fluctuates : THIS IS Thermostat Firmware issue

- NTP now correctly updates system time


** WebServer module is now renamed to Networking Module


Enhancements in 2.7.3

- [forum] Performance improvements with priority given to program execution

- Support for LampLinc sense (you can use LampLinc v33 and above as controller)

- REST now available to all 99 series (no module required)

- Support for Flex Your Power (CA)

- WebServer now under Networking tab (PLEASE NOTE GUI CHANGE)

-- WOL - Requires the Networking module

-- Network Resources (call other systems using TCP/HTTP/HTTPS/UDP/Multicast) - Requires the Networking modules



DriverError – INSTEON specific errors

LastError – A list of driver errors

GetLastError – Returns LastError

ClearLastError – Clears LastError


In ElectricityAction, added

5 – Flex Your Power Error

6 – Flex Your Power status



Fixes in 2.7.2

- i2 reported devices were being queried using extended commands even if i1 Only Mode was chosen

- inapplicable buttons on the configuration tabs

- IOLinc and EZIO devices did not have the status of the relays updated when scenes were activated via programs

- Resetting the userid and password in the Admin Console caused all subsequent calls to fail

- Change the key size to 128 for MCE credentials encryption

- KPL Backlight range is now from 1 to 63 inclusive

- Removed the Thermostat Fan State from Query since thermostats do not support fan state

- Fixed the issue where the sequence of actions in a program would cause a few to be missed



Enhancements in 2.7.2

- added support for SWL Relay with Sense

- added support for InlineLinc Relay with Sense

- REST interface now supports:

-- /rest/nodes/devices ... returns only devices but no scenes

-- /rest/nodes/scenes ... returns only scenes but no devices





Fixes in 2.7.1

Factory reset

IOLinc status

No warning dialog when adding Motion Sensors

Status does not follow RemoteLinc Dim/Brighten

Ignore duplicate messages from RF devices

Support for EZIO6I

Support for EZIO2x4

Support for EZIO40 (not working 100%)

Support for EZRain



Enhancement in 2.7.1

Load IR Config/Harmony integration

Show all buttons in the overview/HTML

Support for new KPLs







Fixes in 2.7

- Program issue where conjunctives (and) would not work as expected in some special circumstances

- Extra link records in the compare function (thanks to Wayne)

- IOLinc dialog not tall enough in MAC (thanks to rdcole)


Enhancements in 2.7

- Scene Test: Another diagnostic tool which sends a group command to a scene of your choice and then shows you whether or not the recipient devices responded with a cleanup message





Release 2.6.15 is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=2291


Fixes in 2.6.15


- Climate settings do not get updated in the GUI (WeatherBug) ... fixed

- The link database comparison feature causes ISY Link Table dialog to require clicking the stop button when reactivated ... fixed

- Devices that do not send cleanup commands adversely impact program execution (to_lighter) ... fixed

- Setpoint invalid after Mode change ... fixed

- KeypadLinc status query does not update the status for button H ... review

- KeypadLinc backlight for older models ... review

- Web module, default homepage make ISY not respond to / ... fixed

- Devices are neither added nor removed from the lists in Tools|Diagnostics|ISY/Device Link Table dialogs ... fixed



- REST /rest/X10/housecodeunitcode/command

- REST /rest/locations to return floorplan

- Progress bar no longer steals the focus




Release 2.6.14 is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=2251



Fixes in 2.6.14

- ISY would become unresponsive showing a series of 0 0 in the console

- ISY would run out of SSL sessions in case of large number of remote access sessions

- ISY Link table dialog would not work with the first listed device

- Scheduler bug

- KPL Brightness regression


Enhancements in 2.6.14

- Webserver module ... make your ISY into a mini personal webserver

--- REST interface

- Diagnostics

-- Hop count, group, and debugging information ... added level 3 to Event Viewer

- Compare device table with its counterpart in ISY

- i1/i2 switching



With kind regards,



Release 2.6.12 is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=1954


Fixes in 2.6.12

- incorrect status, ramp rate, on level

- Query button on the main screen: progress bar hung


With kind regards,



Release 2.6.11 is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... hp?p=14097


Fixes in 2.6.11

- incorrect status

- programs didn't run

- triggers did not trigger correctly


With kind regards,



Release 2.6.10 is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... hp?p=13882


Fixes in 2.6.10

- Status from physical activation of devices now is correctly captured

- Retrieve and update on level/ramp rate/mutex buttons/back light for i2 devices (and specifically KPLs)


- No enhancements


Release 2.6.9 is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=1876


Fixes in 2.6.9

- Missing log entries

- ST command queried all devices


Enhancements in 2.6.9

- i2 support

- Support for IOLinc

- isSubscribed Web Service

- WeatherBug and Brultech modules (optional)




Release 2.6.8 is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... hp?p=12959


Fixes in 2.6.8

- Truncated status upon client access

- Scene profile mismatch

- Queue Full Errors


Enhancements in 2.6.8

- Query On Restart is now configurable

- Added From to notification settings

- Support for Motion Sensor

- Support for TimerLinc

- Ignore X10 All On/Off from ELK flag




Go here for details on some of the new features --> New Features


Release 2.6.7 beta is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=1613


Fixes in 2.6.7

- When changing to/from using DST, programs were not being refreshed to use the new sunrise/sunset values

- Intermittent HTTP/S lock up after a while

- Intermittent Queue Full messages

- Button grouping for KPL did not work for more than 4 buttons

- KPL Timer buttons can now be added to scenes as responders


Enhancements in 2.6.7

- Added X10, IR, Raw Text to find/replace in programs

- Adjust on-levels/ramp rates for devices in scenes using programs

- Added configurable role for HTML interface (stopgap measure until we add multi-users/roles)

- User defined SMTP - limited TLS support (works with gmail)

- On/Off buttons on Devices/Scenes HTML pages


Web Services in 2.6.7

- Send X10 commands through UDIService

- SentTestEmail Service




Release 2.6.6 (RC5) beta release is now available at



Fixes in 2.6.6

- Date displays 2187/06/07 for 2008/12/31

- Do not display 'next scheduled run' for programs that are not enabled or are held by Folder conditions.

- Parentheses bug for IR conditions



Enhancements in 2.6.6

- Allow Folder true/false status to be used in If conditions. This makes Folder conditions much easier to use (for Away buttons, etc.)

- A program set to 'Run at Startup' will now run whether it is enabled or not, making it more consistent with the new 'Run (If)'

- Send compact notifications option on the configuration page

- Icons in Program selection boxes

- Icon column in Program summary (Folders and Programs)

- Popup window on Program summary

- Added 'Status' to Popup window on Program Details screen, making it easier to bounce between status/edit of a program

- Find/Replace nodes and program references in programs

- Divider on Main screen is now adjustable

- Full WSDK Support




2.6.5 (RC4) beta release is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/view ... hp?p=10242



Fixes in 2.6.5

- Admin console close/reopen caused an exception

- Added viewport, format-detection meta tags to HTML

- Was showing AM for 12:00 noon in HTML for programs

- Removed unnecessary delay when using nested 'Run If/Then/Else'

- EZRain Max time dialog fixed

- EZIO6I integration fixed; have to use Add New Device

- Schedules using next day, etc. no longer have to wait to "kick in" later in the day when the program is saved or ISY is restarted



Enhancements in 2.6.5

- Log/Chart now show time to the seconds

- Show Folder Condition status in HTML for Programs

- Sunrise/Sunset time to the second

- Added RemoteLinc instructions for any activity that require RL interaction

- All saved files now have a timestamp attached (important especially in case of Vista)

- Progress Bar is no longer persistently on top of all other windows

- Next scheduled run time shown in Program Summary

- Program Name and more info now shown in Notifications sent from programs

- Programs load faster in GUI

- Support for Internet Time (NTP)

- Diagnostics Utilities

--- Enhancement to Event Viewer: can now see RAW PLM messages (level 2)

--- Check PLM Version/Level

--- Read PLM Links

--- Read Device Links (start/end address)

--- Read ISY Links for a Device

- Security enchancements





2.6.4 (RC3) release is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=1218


Fixes in 2.6.4


- Replace Device used to change the device type to Icon LampLinc

- Thermostat mode was not synched between HTML/Admin Console/Thermostat

- Fixed HTML timeout problems

- Programs using 'Last Run Time' would run right away if the the referenced program had not yet run

- Programs in disabled Folders were not being updated with events

- Disabling a program changed the status to False (should not have modified the current status)

- X10 messages sent from ISY were not treated as events in programs

- Linux backup problem resolved

- Blackberry/Sprint locking up ISY, solved



- X10 messages added to log file

- telnet port is now 23 (default telnet port)

- Event Viewer (no longer need telnet/DBG 1) under Tools Menu

- Program support in the Simple HTML interface (for Mobile devices)

- New Shell command CWT for configuring HTTPS/HTTP timeout values

- Added Humidity support for thermostats

- Changed UDReport.rtf to UDReport.txt

- Catching up schedules at restart is now optional (Configuration Tab)

- Grace period for starting a missed schedule now configurable (Configuration Tab)

- Programs now support 'Run (If)', running either the Then or Else path based on the conditions in the If

- Program actions to enable/disable a program

- Run At Reboot Changed:

a. Renamed to Run At Startup

b. No longer runs the Then path, instead it runs the new Run (if) path





2.6.3 (RC2) release is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=1130



Fixes in 2.6.3

- Accepted blank credentials for the HTML version

- RampRate showed 0 for values less than a second (in HTML)

- Temperature showed double (in HTML)

- Adding EZSnSRF/X10 or IR Buttons threw off the next linking operation

- Applet hanged when clicking Program Details/Summary tabs in MAC OSX

- Backup failed in less than optimal network conditions

- Program Details/Summary would crash if any node has an address less than 8 characters long


Enhancements in 2.6.3

- Added Refresh to HTML device pages

- Can now sense Ethernet cable disconnects; ERR and MEM LED blink every 10 seconds indicating the condition. ISY will continue retrying every 20 seconds. This does NOT impact correct operation of ISY (except for network related activities such as notifications)

- Increased the max number of clients to 10





2.6.2 (RC1) release is now available at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=1024


Fixes in 2.6.2



- LEAP year/day is miscalculated by one day

- Icon Appliance Adapter incorrectly recognized as a KeypadLinc

- Non toggle mode for KPL 1.6 and above

- Any Fade would cause Fade Up/Down conditions to run program

- Programs not backed up if they were not currently loaded

- Thermostat shows double the actual temperature/setpoint



- Using regular HTTP authentication methods and thus no longer a need for session timeout

- Added support for ELK status/arm/disarm from the HTML page

- 'Control' now available in programs for EZIO2x4




Beta Version 2.6.1 - Feb 6/2008




- Workaround for KPLs (1.5+) showing as LampLinc BIPHY

- Power outage issue: ISY will use a new IP address if one is issued any time after the boot up. Previously, ISY would give up (slow routers) after 3 retries

- Java Exception when removing a device the table was not updated correctly

- Daylight Saving flag was always set to true when adjusting the time to the computers clock

- The slider for a relay in a scene was not being updated back to its original state if the operation was canceled (neither on nor off)

- Clicking to the left/right of the slider or using the left/right arrow keys were ignored

- Enable Internet Access: null now shows a failure message instead

- No replacement menu available for RemoteLincs

- 'Program Run/Program Run Else' failed if a program tried to run itself

- SocketTimeout exception when loading a large number of programs

- Explicit Query no longer clears the status of non-load devices (such as KPL secondary buttons, RL buttons, IRLinc buttons, etc.)




UDMobile Support

- HTTPS Support

- HTTP and HTTPS ports can now be changed using the CWP Shell Command

- HTTP default port is now 80

- HTTPS default port is now 443

- Simple HTML page both in HTTP/HTTPS which can be used by Mobile devices ... no more Java

- Certificate issues remain to be resolved



- Added support for sending/testing for X10 unit code separate from X10 command code and vice-versa



- Added Fade Up/Down/Stop to programs (both conditions and actions)

- Can use a program to set other programs to 'Run/Not Run At Reboot' (for power outage recovery)

- Specify from 0-100% for dimmable devices (100% shows as 'On', 0% shows as 'Off')



- Changed Reset History to Clear Log

- In case of non-Linux clients, one can now selectively decide to save the log (CSV) or view it in Excel

- Applied Locally is now on the main view as well

- AutoUpdate no longer pops up whenever the Admin Console is started. Rather - and as a compromise - there will be a reminder (in text) at the top right corder of the Status bar

- Progress bar when programs are loading



- In the shell, configure default number of insteon command retries

- Automatic increase in insteon command retries for long running commands (eg. restore devices)

- Automatically reorganize links for KeypadLinc LED backlight (no need to add them to scenes in specific order)



- Added support for Companion 2 Wire devices (2474S/D)

- Added support for KPL Countdown Timers (2484DWH8)

- Added support for KPL (v2) sub-buttons controlling the on-level/ramp rate for the local load

- Added support for IRLinc

- Added programming features for thermostats

- Add New INSTEON device now supports providing the type of device to be added



- Added support for EZSwitch30 (minimal testing)

- Added support for EZIO4O (minimal testing)

- Added support for EZIO6I (minimal testing)

- Added support for EZSnSRF

- Added support for EZX10RF (untested)


Additionally for ISY-99i



- Fixed: Save/Reload IR config fails if there are more than 24 entries

- Changed current Hold/Maintain default of 600/300 to 800/300



- RX LED Flashes in IR Learning Mode when remote control button is pressed/double-pressed/held/released

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    Sounds like a lot of good stuff in the pipeline. I would humbly suggest that if you are changing the telnet port to 23 (which I think is a good idea), then you should say so in flashing red lights. Many folks may miss this and wonder why they can no longer login on port 126.



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    You are 100% correct. It shall be done.


    Thanks and with kind regards,



    Sounds like a lot of good stuff in the pipeline. I would humbly suggest that if you are changing the telnet port to 23 (which I think is a good idea), then you should say so in flashing red lights. Many folks may miss this and wonder why they can no longer login on port 126.



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    Enhancements in 2.6.7

    - Adjust on-levels/ramp rates for devices in scenes using programs


    This new feature is great - but what if the scene controller (actually - one of the scene controllers) is also the local load?


    Is there any way to programatically change the local level/rate of a SwitchLinc for example?



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    Hello jhermans,


    Unfortunately not ... the main reason is that most INSTEON devices require a reboot for local settings to take effect (and thus major increase in support calls!!!).


    With kind regards,



    Enhancements in 2.6.7

    - Adjust on-levels/ramp rates for devices in scenes using programs


    This new feature is great - but what if the scene controller (actually - one of the scene controllers) is also the local load?


    Is there any way to programatically change the local level/rate of a SwitchLinc for example?



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    Unfortunately not ... the main reason is that most INSTEON devices require a reboot for local settings to take effect (and thus major increase in support calls!!!).


    Call me crazy... but how does one 'reboot' a SwitchLinc? :?


    Does tapping or double-tapping the set button do that as part of the process?



    -- Jamie

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    Pull the set button out for 10 seconds or so, pop it back in to its original position (don't press/hold it down).


    That's what I figured... but I know that I do not need to do that to a SwitchLinc in order for a change in local rate/level settings to take effect when I have set it by tapping or double-tapping the set button.


    Michel... do you mean that if the local rate/level settings are programmed 'remotely' that a reboot is required?


    Just trying to clarify in my head...



    -- Jamie

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    AFAIK, the newer KeypadLincs, and perhaps new SwitchLincs, do not need to be reset.


    You can use the tap method if you set the level using the ISY, but ramp rates will be limited to no more than 9 seconds (1% brightness). The full user guides have a rate/brightness chart.



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    Hi Rand,


    Yes, you are 100% correct. The only problem is that some of those new KPLs are i2 and some are 1/2 i2 neither of which we can currently support since except by firmware version, we have no way of knowing which one supports full i2 and which one 1/2 i2. Furthermore, after extensive i2 testing with Motion Sensor, RL, TimerLinc, we have come to the conclusion that it will take us (including SH) a lot longer before i2 commands can be used reliably.


    With kind regards,



    AFAIK, the newer KeypadLincs, and perhaps new SwitchLincs, do not need to be reset.


    You can use the tap method if you set the level using the ISY, but ramp rates will be limited to no more than 9 seconds (1% brightness). The full user guides have a rate/brightness chart.



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    Hello dougos2,


    ETA is Monday but we keep pushing it out for last minute enhancements (whatever we can put in) and YES the fix for blank current state is in there.


    With kind regards,



    Is there any eta on 2.6.8? Will the fix for a blank current state in the admin console be fixed? Thanks.
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    Hi Joe,


    No, I never received your email. I am so glad that it's all working to your satisfaction and I want to thank you for providing us with an interim solution.


    With kind regards,





    Don't know if you got my message re: turning of the "All Lights (My Lighting) option when connected an Elk, but in alpha 2.6.8 it worked perfectly, with no known "side effects".



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    Hello all,


    Apologies for not responding to the posts last night. We were getting 13 out which does a few nice things:

    1. On boot up, it will flag all the nodes to be re-evaluated for their i1/i2 compatibility

    2. Using Link Management->Advanced Options, you can choose

    a. Automatic (default): if i1, then BAU. If not, then ISY tries an i2 command which all i2 devices MUST support (read the first record in the db). If it succeeds, then it will flag the node to use i2. If not, it flags for i1

    b. Device Reported: ISY uses whatever the device asks for

    c. i1 Only: ISY uses i1 regardless of the device's engine version

    3. Every time you go between Automatic and Device Reported, all nodes will be flagged for re-evaluation


    Here's the link:

    http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=2030 .


    With kind regards,


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