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Mac OSX Safari Not Accepting Self Generated Certificate.


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I am running the following:


ISY99i with firmware v3.2.1

Mac OSX Lion v10.7.4

Java for OSX v1.6.0

Safari v5.1.7


My SSL certificate has been generated with 512 strength and is installed. When Safari is used to log into the ISY99 via my ddns web address locally I get the message:


"Safari can't verify the identity of the website"


So next I chick on "Show Certificate" and check the box "Always Trust". The problem is that the box will not stay checked and I always get the warning message. FireFox v13 for OSX has accepted my self generated certificate with no trouble.


Could my certificate strength have been set too low for Safari? Has anybody else seen this issue?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Thanks for the reply Michel,


My Safari is on both an iMac & MacBookAir. The same issue happening on both computers.


Creating a 1024 certificate did not change anything.


I am not really too sure how to use the "Send Certificate Request to CA and then Receive Certificate" functions and form. My web address is an xxx.dyndns.org type, so would this apply in my situation?


It seems like this problem is solely a Mac OSX and/or Safari issue. Something has changed on the Apple side.


The following process improved things a little:


- I delete the ISY99 certificate from the Mac OSX "Key Access App" (this is where Macs stores all of their certificates and passwords.

- Used Firefox to access my Https://xxx.dyndns.org address. This then lets Firefox put the self generated ISY99 certificate into the Key Access App rather then Safari.


This now makes Firefox work perfectly and Safari only gets one warning rather than two. The warning that Safari still gives is "Safari can't verify the identity of the website". I must acknowledge this each time before I can continue to the big blue Universal Devices screen were I enter my name and password. Next, if I select the "Admin Console" I am taken straight to the Java app log-on with no warning messages. Using Firefox to add the certificate to system eliminated the second Safari warning, which would appear just before the Java app log-on screen.


Anyways, this crazy little annoyance has eaten up way too many hours. Hopefully, this information might somehow assist another user or at least stop them from beating it to death.


Thanks for the help!



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Hi Mike,


Thanks so very much for the update and, yes, indeed it sounds annoying.


To make things a little less annoying, please go to:

http://www.universal-devices.com/99i/admin.jnlp ... this will put an icon on your desktop so that you will not need your browser for access to the Admin Console. You will only need browser access when you want the home page (which is good for simple command/control).


With kind regards,


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