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Delete Dead KeypadLinc


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Hi All,


I had an 8-button KeypadLinc fail on me. After a power outage, it became completely unresponsive, won't reset to factory default and won't respond to any key presses, so I've ordered a replacement.


Through the ISY interface, I removed each of the 8 buttons from the Scenes they were a part of, then deleted the KeypadLinc itself. So far, so good, but when I look up the links by various device, the ISY or the powerline interface, I still see the dead KeypadLinc's MAC address showing up in the tables.


Have I done something wrong? I want to make sure the dead device is "gone" before I set up the replacement, because I've heard having missing devices can negatively affect performance when the system hunts for a device that isn't there.





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Sounds like the device was not responding to commands and that aborted some of the other command activity associated with removing/deleting the KeypadLinc. Perhaps not much use now but the correct way to handle that situation is to physically install the new KeypadLinc and add it to the ISY under some device name that does not matter as it will be deleted. Then right click on the old KeypadLinc Primary node and select Replace xxxx with ... which replaces all Insteon address references to the old KeypadLinc with the new replacement KeypadLinc address. The ISY assumes the old KeypadLinc is no longer available so makes no attempt to communicate with it.


You can try adding the old KeypadLinc back but that may be a problem if the ISY cannot talk to it at all. It can be connected to an Appliance Cord and plugged in if it has been physically removed from the wall. The other solution is to restore a backup before the old KeypadLinc was removed/deleted. Then follow the steps above for replacing a device.


Final thought. Are you sure the link records you are looking at in the other devices are “active� When the ISY deletes a link record it changes the flag byte to inactive leaving the rest of the link record alone. You will see the old device address but the link record itself is not active. An inactive link record will not have an A2 or E2 In the first byte.

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I went back and looked at the Link Tables for the dead device, and here's what I found:


In the ISY, the first byte is 22 (not A2 or E2);

In the devices, the first byte is also 22;

But in the PLM, the first byte is A2.


When looking at the device Link Table, I clicked "Compare" and it came back with [identical/Ignore] beside the MAC address for the dead device.


I guess I was expecting the device to simply be "gone" when I looked at these tables, but from what you say, it sounds like old, removed devices stay, and are simply flagged as inactive. Is this correct?


Also, is it an issue that the old device seems to still be showing as "active" in the PLM (A2 in the first byte)?



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