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What is a 993i?


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My friend bought one off eBay and the guy said it was a 993i, but was same as a 99i. It has the same style box as my 994i with blue LEDs, not the older 99i with green LEDs.


We updated with the 99i firmware.


The PLM is V1.5.


What is a 993i? A search returned no results.


Any concerns with this setup?

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Hi nowandthen,


Umm, we have never ever had a 993 ... whatever it is, we do not have any firmware for it and it is not supported.


With kind regards,



Thanks Michell, It does say 99i on the bottom. The guy may have been mistaken when he said 993i.


Did you ever make 99i's with blue LEDs and case like the 994i? My old 99i had green LEDs and a different looking case.



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There are 99i's with metal case and Green LEDs. There are 99i's with a molded case and Blue LEDs. They are nominally the same size. The 994 with Blue LEDs is wider than the 99i to hold the ZigBee or Zwave adaptors.


Thanks Lee. Glad to hear there are 99i's with blue LEDs and the 994i-like case. His ISY is working just fine using 99i firmware so I think we are in good shape.

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