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Adjust scene with 2440MS as controller.


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This is probably a question for LeeG:


I am considering installing a 2440 Motion Sensor in a stairwell and linking it to a Inlinelinc Dimmer that will control some step lighting. The plan is to have the 2440 as a scene controller to eliminate program lag in operating the scene.


I would like to adjust the scene in the morning and evening to set the on level for the Inlinelinc Dimmer with MS as controller to 0 for the daytime and 30% for the night time.


My concern is that the Adjust Scene statement will want to write changes to the MS when I do that. From my understanding, It seems like the change only needs to be written to the Inlinelinc Dimmer since in either case the MS is simply requesting scene on and nothing in it's links table needs modification.


My question is: will the Adjust scene statement want to write to the 2440? If yes, then I will have to have a program in between.


Thanks in advance.



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Good question. The Adjust Scene changing the Responder value(s) in the InLineLinc (or any Responder) will not write to the Motion Sensor Controller. All the information being changed resides in the InLineLinc link database.

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