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SwitchLinc: Dimmer vs on/off


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If I understand the switchlinc dual band dimmmer correctly, it can be programmed for fast on/off. Given this feature, why would anyone ever buy a switchlinc on/off? The dimmer version gives more flexibility for future lighting changes.



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A) For loads that cannot handle the chopped sine wave output of the dimmer's triac circuitry (non dimmable CFL, low voltage lighting transformers etc) Even at 100%, the dimmer still produces a chopped sine wave output that certain things don't like.

B) For loads that exceed a dimmer's capacity.

C) For Multi-Way dimmer setups where only one device controls the load, slaves can be cheaper relay only devices.

D) To save a few $$ where dimming is not needed. (Boiler room, garage, barn, basement stairs etc)




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The key point is basically that the on/off switchlinc is a dry contact relay. Many types of loads can be damaged by triac dimmers, like florescent, motors, and other electronics.


What Xathros says is true, except for the part about cheaper. The on/off relay costs the same as the dimmer ($49.99). I'm not sure what he is referring to, maybe the non-dual band, but I'm not sure they make those anymore.

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