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Backups and Restore System


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Can you provide what type of data is handled in the backup/restore process? (i.e. program, variables, config, notifications, all module settings, etc.).


My situation is the following: I have more than one location that I'm installing the ISY systems (two homes and a condo). I have been working on a "master" configuration for the ISY that includes all programs that will be needed from any of the three locations. My intent was to create this master program that can be backed up and restored to each of the ISY, relink the same devices with new addresses, disable any programs or devices that won't be needed and make any other minor changes. I'm hoping this can be accomplished in an easy manner in an effort to maintain one master backup (archive) with all features and functions. I would make any necessary program changes to the master and only need to maintain this one backup for all systems. Can you confirm the necessary steps that would be required for this approach when restoring a system using a "master" backup?

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In my opinion that is not practical. Even if the devices are mirrored in terms of numbers, Types and Names you will very likely have different device firmware levels in the devices even for the same device type. The ISY has links in all the devices that point back to what will have to be three different PLMs each with its own Insteon address. It means that anytime a backup is restored to an ISY from which it did not come all the links in all the devices will have to be rewritten to correct the PLM address in the ISY information. Plus the only way to adjust the device firmware level the ISY knows about is to delete and add the device back.


Whatever you think you will save in having a few common Programs and Variable definitions will be far outweighed by the efforts to correct all the ISY information anytime a Restore ISY is done for other than the ISY from which the backup came.

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I understand your point. Since I spent a good amount of time creating the master program, It still should save me a lot of time using this process on the initial setup of the second and third system. Once these are relinked/reconfigured, I could then make a system specific backup of each system. I would think this would be much faster than manually typing all the programming and variables. Do you agreed?

Can you also answer my initial question regarding the extent of data saved in the backup process?

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Yes to the items mentioned. (program, variables, config, notifications, all module settings). The Insteon specifics, Device definitions (which includes the Insteon addresses, firmware levels, device types), the Scene definitions including all the link information between devices and between the PLM and devices are part of the Backup. The ISY Restore brings back the information contained in the ISY which it created.


Web server files which you create and store on your own are not part of the ISY Backup.


I do not agree that installing ISY A Backup on ISY B and ISY C will save time. All the device information, firmware levels, Insteon addresses, links are all wrong. Perhaps the Program Export /Import can be used for Programs. Also hard to see how the Insteon devices installed in house A will match the pattern in house B and house C.

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What exactly does "program import/export" provide in a stored file? How does it handle things when the program references a variable or device that hasn't been entered or configured in the ISY? This might be the way to go to save key entry time. Is there any way to import/export all the variables? Programs and Variable appear to be the two areas that would take time to manually type for each ISY system.

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Variables are backed up and restored. The OP wants to develop Programs and Variables independently and install them on three different ISY systems in three different houses.



I definitely misunderstood the OP's post. Thank you for clarifying and confirming.

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