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All kinds of confused with the Garage door kit?


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So I thought I followed the instruction to hook up the kit. Although the instructions are really lacking. My garage door opener had two ir sensor inputs (+ and - each) and a + and - that goes to the button on the wall. I assume I tie in with the button on the wall.

Set up the magnets and all that good stuff.


Now to the ISY, I add the address off the back of the unit, and ISY knows it's a garage door link. But says it can not communicate with the device. Which is strange I have like 25 dual band devices, and the closest is like 5 feet maybe (receptacle in bonus room above the garage).


I feel like I must be missing something?


Thanks for any help.

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Hi jeff000-


The IOLinc is not a dual band device as far as I know so being in RF proximity to dual band devices makes no difference. The question is: are there any other Insteon devices on the same circuit as the IOLinc? Can you move the IOLinc temporarily to the same circuit as the PLM and try the add again? Can you capture an event viewer trace at level 3 while adding the IOLinc and post that here.


Are the buttons that came with your openers just basic buttons or are they multifunction? The IOLinc is going to act as a dumb button (dry contacts) and won't work with many of the multi function button systems.



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If you can push the set button on the garage io linc and the door goes up and down its probably safe to say you wired that portion of the kit correctly.. Not sure why it would not communicate unless its not getting the signal back to the isy.. If you have an extra switch maybe try linking it manually with the iolinc to see what happens...

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