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EZSrve INSTEON / X10 Home Automation Gateway (VS) ISY


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You can set a static IP address using ISY as well. At a very high level:

You can use ISY to configure all your INSTEON devices/scenes

You can use ISY to create most sophisticated programs based on events

You can integrate your ISY with ELK

You can access ISY securely (using HTTPS and your own certificate) via 95% of the mobile phones

ISY supports almost all of INSTEON devices out there including the thermostat, IRLinc, and even some of SHN's devices. We


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Anybody see the EZServ, how does it differ from the ISY, First thing I see is the EZServ can set a static IP.
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I'm happy with my ISY, I do like the programming part of it. Simple yet powerful. So I'm not saying one is better than the other, just trying to figure out the differences.


- EZ is a single package, One plug, one cable.

- EZ has menus to set IP address, no low level programming required.

- ISY has IR



I'm not going to drop another $200 for an EZ, So I'm sticking with my ISY



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Just a note on this old thread.


EZ is good concept, but it is not a stable product. If it doesn't stop falling over, I would think they will shelve it, but I can't speak for Compacta. They have other products which seem to be stable and do well in the marketplace.


That being said, and I am new to the ISY at the moment, the support from U.D. is hands-down excellent. Just looking at the forums, I can't imagine where anyone gets the R&D time because they are so very attentive to support requests.

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