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Simple ISY program providing incorrect results


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I had hoped to use the following program to remotely turn on the lights in my dining room.

I can directly execute the then clause and that works perfectly. For some indeterminate period of time after I directly execute the then clause, the Remotelinc 2 button controls the X10 light switch. After a while using the Remotelinc 2 button causes an X10 A16 device to turn on and has no effect on the X10 A2 light switch.


I have a similar program to turn off the X10 A2 it performs similarly.



Control '1C.3F.D9 - C' is switched On



Send X10 'A2/On (3)'



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


I have an ISY Log, an ISY Error Log and a level 3 Event Log. I can detect nothing in any of that data to explain the actions I am witnessing.

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I cannot think of an obvious explanation. The program looks proper to me. A couple of questions come to mind that may lead to further thoughts:


Does the event viewer show the ON command from the button ''1C.3F.D9 - C' ?


Is it possible that you are holding the button for too long, sending instead a "dim" command from that button?


Is it possible that the remotelinc has A16 assigned to it?

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