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KPL Status Display Problem


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I have 3 devices in a scene; all are designated as Controllers in a scene. The scene controls fluorescent lights in the garage. Two devices are ToggleLincs and are used to control a 3-way circuit. The third device is a KPL which is located in the kitchen at a point less than 5 feet from what I will call ToggleLinc B in the garage. All 3 devices will turn the lights on and off. If any of the 3 controllers are manually activated, the KPL button displays its status correctly. Sometimes I forget to turn these lights off so I wrote a program that says if ToggleLinc A is on, wait 5 minutes and turn off ToggleLinc A. The program executes as designed and the lights turn off. The problem is that the KPL stays lit despite the fact that it and the other devices are all controllers in the scene. Strangely, if I use ToggleLinc B in the program instead of ToggleLinc A, the program does not execute despite that ToggleLinc B fact is nearest to the KPL. I have restored ToggleLinc B, and it still does not run properly in the program. I have added a LampLinc dualband in the garage and included it in the scene as a controller and ToggleLinc B still will not work in the program. The fact that ToggleLinc B cannot be used successfully in the program leads me to believe it might somehow be the the culprit in the KPL not ptroperly displaying its status. However, in every other respect ToggleLinc B functions as it should. I am at a loss. Any help will be appreciated.

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