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Schlage Door Lock Option


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I have successfully installed the Schlage BE469 Lock in my ISY network.  On earlier installs of this lock for other clients I have notice that in the ISY admin console there was an "Options" button to select that would allow me to configure certain functions for the lock.  With that in mind, I am trying to figure out why the "Options" button is not showing up on my setup.  The only buttons I have are the ?"Query" "Lock" and "Unlock".  Any suggestions as to why the "Options" button isn't showing up?  I have upgraded my firmware thinking that this would help but it didnt. 

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Not sure what happened to my ISY but it is not responding to anything now.  The IP address is no longer listed in my devices on my router and a reboot, refresh of the ISY, PLM or Router did anything.  My ISY is now showing 3 solid blue lights and a flashing red one.  With that in mind, when I get the ISY back online, how do I check for the UI version?


Also, any suggestions on what might be wrong with my ISY would be appreciated.

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  • Only Error light blinking: ISY cannot communicate with the SD Card. Please ensure:
    • The micro SD Card (on the front) is seated properly. Unplug ISY, remove the rubber cap, using a sharp object, push the micro SD Card in so that it pops out. Push it back in so it clicks in. Apply power to ISY
    • If reseating the micro SD Card does not work, you probably have a defective SD Card. Please consult Replacing/Formatting SD Card



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