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Adding Z-Wave Devices, Affect On Programs


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I recently added another Z-wave outlet to my house, and moved an insteon outlet that it replaced.  In doing so, I shuffled these two devices between some scenes.  The next few days, I noticed that these scenes were not coming on as they had for several years.  Digging further, I noticed some of my programs that executed ON commands for these shuffled scenes now had "null" in the scene command, rather than "on"...that is, set scene XXX null.  I manually changed all that I noticed back to ON.  We will see if it sticks.


Has anyone experienced this before?

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firmware v.4.3.1

UI v.4.3.1

z-wave (21100)


By shuffled, I mean that I removed an insteon outlet from several scenes and added the z-wave outlet into the scenes once occupied by the removed insteon outlet.  The insteon outlet remained in two scenes only, having started in five or so.  As near as I could tell, any program that invoked one of the scenes that now contain the new z-wave device was affected. 

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I will be happy to update. 


At this point, there are no problems.  When I noticed that the lamp plugged into my new Z-wave device was not coming on as expected, it did not take a lot of research to identify the problem.  When I noticed the apparent unintended consequence to my programs, I simply went in and edited them, updating the affected statement from something like:


set scene xxx to null


to something like:


set scene xxx to ON


Once identified and corrected, all appears to be working fine.  I was just surprised that changing the membership in scenes, adding a z-wave device, would affect a program that commanded that scene.


Interestingly enough, it seemed that the insteon devices that were still part of the affected scenes WERE coming on, even when the program had the apparent null error.  It was only the new Z-wave device that failed to come on (as best I could tell).

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I found this dated thread with a search word of "null" and will share my experience with Leviton vizia rf+ devices using ISY 994 with firmware and UI 4.4.6. 
Program commands setting these devices to "off" are changed to "null" after exiting and reopening the administrator console and the affected programs fail.  I have discovered a work-around by creating a scene containing the device(s) in question and changing the programs to set the scene to "off."
I have also found that ramp rates programmed at the switch are not executed by ISY commands.

I haven't found this situation described in the forums and would be interested to know if this is an ISY issue, Leviton issue or operator error issue.

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No, I stay with "official releases" as am still learning and cannot be a useful alpha/beta tester.  I sense from your questions that the behavior I'm seeing is not normal.  That said should I upgrade to 4.5.1?



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