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6-button KeypadLinc Programming


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I have a 6-button keypadlinc.  It is not connected to a load and I am using all 6 buttons in connection with ISY scenes.


The "On" button turns on SceneX (all lights).  The "Off" button turns off  SceneX.  Works fine.


Button "A" is assigned to turn On/Off SceneA (kitchen lights only, that also happen to be included in SceneX).  The button is set to toggle mode.  It controls SceneA fine.


The issue scenario is this:


Press button "A", it toggles to on, LED turns on, SceneA turns on: kitchen lights are on

Press button "Off", LED turns on, SceneX turns off: all lights are off (including kitchen lights)

Button "A" stays toggled on, LED on, and the next time I need to turn on SceneA, I have to press "A" twice (once to toggle off, and another to toggle back on).  I am trying to avoid this behavior by having "A" toggle off when the "Off" button is pressed.


Is there programatic way to handle this in the ISY?  I started to write a program but the "Off" button is not accessible programmatically because when I linked the keypadlinc, only the "On", "A", "B", "C", and "D" buttons showed up.  I assume this is the way the linking should work.


I also tried to use "mutually exclusive buttons" to set that up, but again, the "Off" button is not accessible.


Any ideas how to accomplish this?








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"KPL Floor Dimmer 6" is the ON/OFF buttons - On commands from ON button press and Off commands from OFF button press are reflected in this KPL node.


SceneButtonA has KPL button A as Responder


When the OFF button is pressed the Program is triggered as True running Then.


The Wait in the Then allows the Off processing of all devices before sending the command to turn Off button A.  This Wait time may need to be increased if a large number of devices is being turned Off by OFF button.




ButtonAOff - [iD 002B][Parent 0001]



        Control 'KPL Floor Dimmer 6' is switched Off



        Wait 5 seconds

        Set Scene 'SceneButtonA' Off



   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')
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Only having limited experience with KPLs I am learning this one. I only use my KPL as a combination keypad for a notification system, restarting my well pump and washing machine after a leak..


Can the A LED not be included in the SceneX to turn it off along with other SceneX devices and vice versa?

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The OP did not request ON button to turn On button A.   The posted requirement is for the OFF button to turn Off button A.  Of course if the actual requirements are different the solution would be different.

Maybe I am not reading the correctly but I see the OP wanting.


On button = SceneX lights on

A button = SceneA lights on

Off button = SceneX (includes A lights too) off,  **Button A LED off**= the request


Could the A led not be included in SceneX as the kitchen lights are included in Scene X and the LED would also indicate as if A have been pushed on.


Or....maybe the penny just dropped.

Would button A not change it's toggled position thinking it is still on?


I don't use the toggle mode on mine so I am not familiar with the fine details and I know you have lots of KPL polish (but in English:)). Mine just flash uncontrollably after I am done . :(

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If the desire is for button A to turn On when ON is pressed then button A could be included in SceneX.   There can be an issue with that but lets assume it works.  Turning button A On or Off with a Scene is not affected by the toggle/non-toggle on/off mode of the KPL button.  What is needed is input from the OP as to how button A should react.

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I have been reading this thread and have the following (somewhat different) question:


Can the ON/OFF (top and bottom) buttons be programmed to operate as the A-D buttons assuming no load is connected to the KPL?  In other words, can I use the top button as an on and off for one scene and the bottom button as an on and off for another scene?  Let's assume that both would be .1 on/off without any dimming.

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Yes, you can. Reconfigure the KPL to 8-button mode. Use the 6-button frame. The top buttons will become A & B, the bottom buttons will be G & H. (The 4 middle buttons will be C, D, E & F). Include both A & B (and G & H) in any scene.


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The ISY does not change the KPL from 6 button mode to 8 button mode.  This must be done at the KPL using the procedure in the Owners Manual.   Once done add the KPL to the ISY (after deleting the 6 button definition).  It may carry the "2334-232" 6 button type (if the latest I2CS KPL) but it will have 8 nodes (rather than 5 nodes) if the manual change to 8 button mode was successful.

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Here is an example of an 8 button KPL that was changed to 6 button mode before adding to ISY.   Note line two on right side indicates 8 button, there are only 5 nodes generated by ISY.  Even though the factory type indicates 8 button, ISY also checks KPL configuration information that indicates 6 button (5 nodes).


Your situation would be the reverse, line two may indicate a factory 6 button KPL but the ISY will generate 8 nodes. 


I looked for the opposite case but I normally order 8 button KPLs. 




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