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Help! MobiLinc broke Alexa?


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Hey folks.  I am new to the Forums and ISY but I am a long time Insteon and HCA home automation user.  I searched for an answer to my question on the forum but could not find one.


This weekend, I setup my new ISY, all of my Insteon devices, and my Amazon Echo.  Everything has been working brilliantly for the past 48 hours until... I installed MobiLinc and it's associated module.  Now, Alexa can't control any of my devices.  Alexa says "Sorry, device X is not responding."  


I like the MobiLinc app but the Echo voice control is more important to me.  I'd like to restore the Echo functionality and find a decent iOS app to control my ISY.




EDIT:  Hmmmm. I just noticed that, when I go to https://my.isy.io/index.htm, my ISY no longer appears to be online.  The button/light is off, not green.

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Hi rehills,


I am so very sorry to hear. ISY can only support one portal: either MobiLinc Connect or ISY Portal. Please send an email to sales@universal-devices.com and let us know which you wish to keep and we'll process a refund for the other.


With kind regards,



I choose the ISY Portal.  I'll send an email now.  How can we use the ISY Portal, Echo, and have an iOS app to control scenes and devices?

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Mobilink IOS works fine with the ISY Portal   you just can have 2 portals


Thanks.  I am testing that option now but, MobiLinc has spent the last 15 minutes trying to sync with my ISY.  It just sits there saying Retrieving Configuration.  I am following thse instructions from the WIKI:


  • Open MobiLinc and go to My Settings->Lighting Controller Settings
  1. Set Host Type to ISY
  2. Set Username and Password to the email address and password with which you are registered in ISY Portal
  3. Set Local - http://: make blank
  4. Set Local port: Leave as is
  5. Set Secure - https://: my.isy.io
  6. Set Secure Port: 443

EDIT: It finally completed but I had to retry it almost a dozen times.

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I've read if you make your isy's username and password the same as you use for your portal, you can fill in the local http with your local isy's info and you'll get blazingly fast local access when you're local. And it'll use the portal when you're not. You *can* also just use a dynamic dns entry and port forwarding for remote secure access.

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