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4/22/16 - Partial Portal Connect?


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For the past few days, the Portal seems to partially connect.  When I login to "my.isy.io/index.htm" the Portal comes up with only a green tab, on the upper left, labeled "ISY".

On the far upper right there is a blue button labeled "Login".

The original login window is still in the center of the screen with my user/password still populated.

If I click the "Portal Login" button again, a spot on the left flashes "Updating: /api/login" and a message appears on the upper right saying "Last login: 1 minute ago.

I recently added an Amazon Dot to the mix. It installed like a charm and knows everything the Echo knows. 

I hope the Dot isn't the problem. Is there a way to restart the Portal?

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Hello MeDoISY( love the name!),


I am so very sorry to hear. Cannot find any errors in the log. If you don't mind, would you please:

1. On the computer with which you have this problem, go to http://whatismyip.com

2. Send the IP address with a link to this post (http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/18855-42216-partial-portal-connect/?p=175692) to support@universal-devices.com ..

3. Once we have this information, we'll coordinate a test window at which point we'll look for errors from that IP address


With kind regards,


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