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Reporting Bugs to SmartHome

Michel Kohanim

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Hello all,


I am very pleased to let you know that SH is very interested in knowing about all the problems you may have with your devices. This topic is going to serve as the one place where SH can read/review problematic issues.


To make this process effective, please follow these guidelines:


1. Please make sure that you do NOT post to this topic unless we are sure this is indeed an INSTEON issue

2. Please do NOT use this topic for interactions

3. Please be concise and provide the following information:

--a. Description of the problem and the product type

--b. Revision, Date Code, and Lot Numbers


There should be 2 labels on the units that contain this information. One will have the product model number and date code, the other will have the revision and lot number.


Thanks so very much,

With kind regards,


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I'll start:


Problem: T-stat adapter freezes

Product: 2441V RF Adapter (in use with a T-1800 T-stat)

Label: 1810 REV 2.1

No date label


Description: RF adapter freezes periodically. See topic "please help - thermostat issues!" in forum "Current Release, Betas, and Bug Reports" for additional information (since this is a problem already being discussed).

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Problem: t1900 stat setpoints set to 255 heat and 0 cool on Group 0 ON

Product: t1900 with V2.2 Thermostat adapter

Label: 4010 Rev 2.2

No Date Label


When Insteon Broadcast Group 0 all on is sent, the thermostat is set to OFF, the heat point is set to 255 (displayed in the thermostat as 0D), the cool point is set to 0. Attempts to set the heating and cooling to a rational value from the thermostat itself fail in strange ways until the thermostat is reset to factory defaults.

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Physical design flaw with the Venstar Insteon Integrated Thermostat (Item# 2491T7E) if you install a humidity module


The problem was losing communications and scenes not working with the new thermostat. It set up OK, but it didn’t last. After having the same problem with the replacement, I looked into it a little harder.


The humidity module comes with a thick piece of double-sided mounting tape. The thickness of the tape and the module itself causes the circuit board to partially push the set button in from the back. You can tell if this is happening by the fact that the set button doesn’t “click†when you push it after the thermostat is snapped back together.


I removed the thick mounting tape and just put a small piece of electrical tape on the circuit board to protect it. That is just enough so the circuit board isn’t depressing the button; i.e., it clicks now.


Between the RMA calls, shipping, troubleshooting, re-linking, etc., this was quite time consuming. :x

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