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My house sold...please help!


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My house has sold but they are letting my wife and I rent it for another month.  I told them when I leave I will have all the Insteon light switches and outlets work like normal dumb switches and outlets.  I also told them I would leave my ISY unplugged so that if they ever decide to use it they can.


What do I need to do to leave my ISY/Insteon HA system in this state?


Do I need to just unplug the ISY, or somehow delete my account, delete programs, factory reset etc???


Thanks for your help!!!

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I just moved from a condo that I leased for 18 years. I took the Insteon with me. The selling homeowner thanked me!


And that's what I would recommend, though it's too late now. IMO, the new homeowner is better-off with standard switches, the setup is too complicated for the average homeowner, and the reliability is less as well. There really is no plus if you are selling.


The one plus for the buyer is that they get dimmers. (I put in regular switches.) Dimmers that are awfully expensive for simple dimmers!

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