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Program to Notify if door code is used, with one of four doors


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I have four BE469 Schlage locks at the entry doors to my home.  I like to get a notification when someone comes in, and what code was used.  The notification would need to be specific, i.e. code 3 is Quinn opened Door X.


I have a program set up to send a notification on one of the doors, and a custom message depending on which code was used.  I am wondering is this where variables come in and anyone want to help point me to a thread that might help me so I don't set up one for each door and code.




This is my sample program that I am currently using, but really don't want to do one for each door and person.



Quinn Front Door Code - Program


        Status  'Doors / Front Door' is Access Code 3
        Send Notification to 'Quinn Notification' content 'Quinn Door Open'
        Send Notification to 'Default' content 'Quinn Door Open'
        Send Notification to 'Rebbeca' content 'Quinn Door Open'
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

Thanks very much for helping a newbie out.

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I am not sure that variables offer any efficiencies here, and possibly even increasing the number of programs required.  It seems to me that it will take multiple programs with, or without, variables.  Without thinking too hard, I suspect you are stuck with DxC programs, where D = number of doors, and C = number of codes.


One thing that I have not experimented much, however, is with is customized notifications.  I understand that you can use variables to customize your notification where it is potentially possible to have a single program for each door, something like:



door is unlocked


send notifications


Where the notification would be different, depending on which code is used to unlock the door.  You would not have to create separate notifications for each code.  Perhaps this gives you an idea where to look?




Looking a little further, check out the wiki "substitution variables":




Look into user variables.  I suspect that if you could use a variable value associated for each lock code, then use that variable to customize a notification, rather than create multiple notifications. 

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Variables can use substitutions, for the value of the variable in the notifications, but not text strings, yet.


One way would be to set up a variable for each lock,






So when kidA enters via the backdoor, the kid's code number is put into the $sBackDoor variable.


... BackLock_code is not 0


...$sBackdoor = back_door_accessCode



When the master program sees any of the variables is changed from 0, it send a notification (State variables  required) and then resets the variables to 0 again.(last line in the program)



...$sBackdoor is not 0


...$sFrontdoor is not 0


...$sPatiodoor is not 0



...send notification to you, kid_home

...Wait 5 seconds

...$sFrontDoor = 0

...$sBackDoor = 0

...$sPatioDoor = 0



Inside the message you have a nice title, with a time marker, and a list of doors, showing the value of each variable with a proper title, like this


One of the kids just entered @ hh:mm:ss

Front Door: 0           <--------really looks like "Front Door: $(var.2.65)"   to use variable value substitution

Back Door: 3

Patio Door: 0


People: 1= kidA,  2=kidB,  3=kidC



Making sense?

1 program per each door

1 state variable per door

1 master notification program

1 notification


NOTE: This may take v5.xx as I am not sure if the access codes can be stuffed into a variable in earlier versions.

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