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Temperature from 2441TH into a customization for email?


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RE: Substitution Variables

Anybody know how to actually put CURRENT TEMPERATURE into an email?

I see Heat and Cool SETPOINT, Humidity, ETC, but not the current TEMPERATURE...


I don't want the agony of moving to v5 yet, i'll wait for more maturity on it...

(looking to do it with v4.5.4)


(SORRY For the reformatting of a NICE table below... lol... see attachment screenshot)



  Example Description sys.node.<address>.name sys.node.11 22 AA 1.name Name of the device node sys.node.<address>.addr sys.node.#.addr Address of the device node sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.ST sys.node.11 22 AA 1.ST The formatted specified value sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.raw sys.node.11 22 AA 1.ST.raw The unformated specified value sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.OL sys.node.11 22 AA 1.OL On Level sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.RR sys.node.11 22 AA 1.RR Ramp Rate sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.ERR sys.node.11 22 AA 1.ERR Error sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.CLISPH sys.node.11 22 AA 1.CLISPH Heat Setpoint sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.CLISPC sys.node.11 22 AA 1.CLISPC Cool Setpoint sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.CLIFS sys.node.11 22 AA 1.CLIFS Fan State sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.CLIMD sys.node.11 22 AA 1.CLIMD Thermostat Mode sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.CLIHUM sys.node.11 22 AA 1.CLIHUM Humidity sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.CLIHCS sys.node.11 22 AA 1.CLIHCS Heat/Cool State sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.UOM sys.node.11 22 AA 1.UOM Unit sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.CV sys.node.11 22 AA 1.CV Current Voltage sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.CC sys.node.11 22 AA 1.CC Current Current sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.PPW sys.node.11 22 AA 1.PPW Polarized Power Used sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.TPW sys.node.11 22 AA 1.TPW Total Energy Used sys.node.<address>.<valueName>.PF sys.node.11 22 AA 1.PF Power Factor


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