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Web udajax interface in Win 10 Edge Browser (Creators Update)


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After updating my win10 to the creators update version (4/13/17), i cant get the Web Interface (udajax) to work in Micrsoft Edge.  It appears as if the credential window will not pop up anymore, causing the page to say 'error, Loading: /config/'.  It will work in Firefox, but i'd prefer to get it working in Edge (especially on a smaller Win10 tablet)


Any ideas?

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Hi, I get an error using MS Edge but I'm not sure it's specific to the Creators Update.  Edge gets stuck on:


"error, Loading: /config/"


I use Firefox 52.0.2 ESR (32 bit) as my main browser and all features work fine.




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I am running 4.2.3.  I am able to use the admin console, but that is a lot of steps just to turn off a light (the web interface was much faster).  Also, I am able to use another browser, so this is not a critical issue, but it would still be nice to use it in edge (yes, believe it or not I actually use edge as my default browser!)


Anyway, I noticed the site stopped working when I installed the creators update on one of my PCs.  So the next pc I did that on, I first tested the udajax site on edge (and it worked fine) before I installed the creators update.  After creators update installed, the first thing I did was to try the website in edge.  It did not work.  So my guess is that it is related to the update, I am hoping it is just a simple setting that was changed, but at the moment I cant find anything.


Here is an article with the security changes in edge, but nothing stands out to me: http://www.techradar.com/news/windows-10-creators-update-will-see-a-far-more-secure-edge-browser


BTW, the same error that shows on the page load in Edge, is the same error that is shown if the user cancels the username/password prompt on a working browser.  Basically, it looks like edge is unable to open the prompt for credentials. 

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Hi tim2u, please upgrade to 4.5.4.


Hi Mike, thanks so very much for the update.



With kind regards,



Hi Michel, I screwed up, the laptop with MS Edge browser I was testing did not have the Creators update and it is working fine with Edge IE and FF (ESR). 


My other laptop with the Creators update is throwing a "error, Loading: /config/" in Edge.  IE presents a blank screen.  FF (ESR) is fine.


Sorry for the confusion!



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