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Is Yale lock supposed to send status update back to ISY?


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I linked my Yale lock to my ISY and after about 4 unsuccessful attempts, I was able to link it. It works fine to send command to it, but the Yale lock doesn't send status back to the ISY. I can query it to know its current status but it won't update it automatically. Is it the normal behaviour or is something not right in the link that was made between it and the ISY?




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This is my only Z Wave device so far. I have about 20 Insteon devices but only this one Z Wave. Thanks for clarifying that it should update it back, I'll reset it again and see if it helps. I have the latest 4.x firmware, do you think 5.x would solve any of this? I was waiting for the go live.



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The locks are very sensitive to range issues -- part of the problem being that they are often mounted on steel doors, and sometimes are surrounded by masonry, but always are on the outside wall of a house (far from the ISY usually).  Combine that with the fact that some of the most important events for them to transmit/receive happen when another huge signal blocker (a human) is right in front of the device, and said human may even have a hand on a keypad mere fractions of an inch from the antenna...


The result is that a door lock is usually in one of the most difficult environments to get a reliable signal in and out of -- so you'll almost certainly need some sort of z-wave device that can repeat the signal, ideally directly opposite the door itself (even if that might be through a wall, it may be a better location than off to the side of the door where the signal has to go through your steel doorframe and the masonry around the door, for example).


Note that the z-wave device you choose needs to support *secure* connections, and it needs to be always powered-on (battery-powered devices don't repeat the z-wave signal).  Many here have selected the Aeon Siren module as a low-cost device for this purpose; it's reputed to perform far better than the actual Aeon repeater itself (!), and has the benefit of actually being useful for something other than just repeating the signal.

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Thank you for the reply, I will see if I can put it any closer and see if it makes a difference. What is weird is that querying it or making it lock or unlock is instantaneous and never failed (So far...). The ISY device is in my basement, but really about 8 feet in linear distance to the actual door (It's the room just below).


I'll also take a look at a powered Z Wave device to see if that would make a difference.

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