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ISY, Insteon Hub and Alexa

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I had started out with Hub then added Alexa. This was seemless.


Then I added ISY and crawled the Hub. All three were working together, and I did not need to purchase the $49/$12 for portal for Alexa.


Now Hub finally went out. Is there anyway to repopulate a new Hub using ISY so I can retain Alexa without payments?

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Well, Had some great luck with Alexa, ISY and Hub.


I simply added the devices I wanted to control with Alexa to the Insteon Hub and voila, I can now use Alexa with my system again, with no costs for portal or cumbersome ISY/Alexa interface for remote use. The ISY still has all the devices and scenes loaded in it and I made some groups on Alexa for verbal commands that I do not necessarily need a complex scene for. 


It took me less than 30 minutes to reprogram the new Insteon Hub that I got for free from Smarthome under warranty.


Now, no costs to run Alexa and remote access... YEA!

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Yes, I think others have posted similar stories about using both ISY and the hub.  I have been tempted to try, and may still.  It should work, until you have problems and need to start restoring devices, or replace devices, or things like that.  At that point, I could imagine that one will have to recreate much of the hub links and alexa skills, but this may not be too onerous.

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