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"Could not determine link table address"


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Hi All.  I successfully added two Insteon 2663-222 On/Off Outlets.  I added these, then used the administrative console, "start linking" and found each of them and added them with no issues.  On the third Insteon 2663-222 On/Off Outlet, I used the admin console, "start linking", found the outlet, but it fails to add with the error "could not determine link table address".  I closed and reopened the admin console, but that did not help.  I turned off the power to the outlet, turned power back on to the outlet, used the admin console, "start linking", found the outlet, but it fails to add with the error "could not determine link table address".


I'm out of ideas.  Are there any trouble shooting steps I can take?  Could the outlet itself be bad?  (It's brand new, never installed, just got it.)


Thank you.

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Hi ctviggen,


1. Factory reset the device and retry

2. Switch the location of the device: if the problem moves with the device, bad device. If the problem stays with location: noise

3. Move the PLM to a different outlet and one which is not shared with other transformers and power supplies


With kind regards,



Thank you, Michel.  I factory reset and get the same error.  Since this is a hardwired device, it's a bit difficult to move.  I can do it, but not today. The kids want to put up Christmas lights now.


I'll move it when I can and report back.

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I bought a new outlet, thinking it was the outlet.  Installed the new outlet, then linked...and got the same error.  However, I left this outlet in and added an on/off plug in module (to control Christmas lights...that's what I'm trying to do), plugged into that outlet, and linking the on/off module worked fine.


I find it odd that I can't link the outlet, but can link to an on/off module that's plugged into the same outlet.  Why is that?


I then took the outlet I just took out and wired it temporarily to a different circuit, and it worked fine.  So, I assume there's noise on this circuit. There is a power strip on this circuit, I'm not sure what else.


Do I buy a Filterlinc to filter the noise? 

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If the power strip has some surge suppression and a capacitor across the AC Line input.

It maybe absorbing the Insteon power line signals.

So can computing equipment, UPS units and other electronic devices.

Some times unplugging things and testing again. Can find the offender.

So the plug in module maybe using Insteon RF commands if the power line ones are not stable.

The outlet in the wall box maybe not also receiving the Insteon RF. As RF sometimes can be spotty.


FilterLinc has to go on the device making the power line noise or signal sucking.

I have one on my UPS in the filtered outlet and my PLM in the unfiltered outlet on the front.

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I found the the outletlincs to be "fussier" about noise from the load than other Insteon devices.  I have 4 on the outside of my house and garage and they've had difficulty with the yard lights plugged in. I had to plug a filterlinc into the outletlinc and the yard lights into the filterlinc.


Were the Christmas lights plugged in to the outletlinc when you attempted linking? If so, unplug everything and retry. If unplugging the lights work, then yes, plugging the Christmas lights into a filterlinc should do it



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Hi All, well it appears I have two accounts here.  This account uses my old email address, which I haven't used in at least 5 years.  So, I'm not getting any emails saying someone has responded.  The second account has my new email address, so I'll start using that.


I added a filterlinc to a power strip on the same circuit.  That fixed it!  I got the outlet to link correctly to my ISY 994i.  I took off the plug in module and am controlling the outlet.  Thank you for the help.

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Paul, what specific kind of load are the lights?


Stu, it was low voltage landscape lighting. A transformer that worked perfectly for years with an X10 supersocket would overwhelm a single outlet outletlinc in about 20 minutes. It would stop responding and needed a reset using a downstream GFIC. If I left the outletlinc on, and controlled the load with a appliance module it was fine.


I tried and extension cord to give the noise room, no go. For a while I used a filterlinc as I described above, but that was not optimal because its an outside enclosed box, and adding the filterlinc caused the box's door to be popped open. Nothing bad happened, but didn't like an outside electrical box being open to the elements. Eventually I replaced the intermatic low voltage lighting system with an Patriot low voltage LED system; which had a transformer half the size. No filter and no problems since then



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