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trying to get "IF" statement to run every 5 minutes


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I have a program set up for my ceiling fan to come on when the temperature it between 72° and 76°. I want the IF statement to run every 5 minutes. When I look at the summary page it shows next scheduled run time 11:00:00 pm. Should it not show next run time as 5 minutes later?  


All Fans On 73 - [ID 001B][Parent 0001]

        From     9:30:00AM
        To      11:00:00PM (same day)
    And Module 'Climate' Temperature >= 72 °F
    And Module 'Climate' Temperature <= 76 °F
        Set 'Dinning Room / Dinning Room Fan' 18%
        Set Scene 'Living Room / Living Room Fan Low' On
        Set 'Bedroom / Bed Room Fan' 18%
        Set Scene 'Den / Den Fan Low' On
        Set 'Craft Room / Craft Room Fan-Motor' Low
        Repeat Every  5 minutes 

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