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iPad Pro creates Location variable in ISY, iPad 6sPlus does not


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I am new to geofencing and am using ISY Portal.  

My iPad Pro creates a Location variable in my 4.6.2 ISY.  My iPhone 6s Plus does not.  

The iPhone does notify me that it left the boundary, but it does not communicate it to the ISY.    The phone says "State Variable: [NOT SET]"

I tried Locative, but I don't know how to use it.  I did go to the portal and create IFTTT.

I was under the impression that 5.0.12 addresses this issue and that a firmware upgrade will solve the issue on my iPhone.  Does anyone know if this is true?

Is ISY Portal able to get the job done, or is Mobilinc Connect the right choice?

 My first reason for choosing ISY portal was a convenient and less expensive choice than the DNS server I had been using.  Now that my appetite is aware of the additional features, maybe ISY Portal is not the right choice.  Also Mobilinc offers little help to ISY Portal issues since they do not own ISY Portal.

Thank you!

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Hi MauiLights,

I am so sorry to hear. With ISY Portal, you need to create Occupancy nodes (not variables as is the case with MobiLinc). For instance, you can have a node called Home and another Office. Here are the instructions for configuring them:


For iPad/iPad, you need Locative. All you need to do is to insert the In/Out URLs to Locative.


With kind regards,


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The occupancy node in the ISY Portal is a nodeserver, which makes it a V5 only feature. You'll need to upgrade to V5 to take advantage of it. Or use IFTTT as you've been trying. 

You do not need your ISY user and password when using the links in locative. The "lots of letters and numbers" is a long key tied to your account. It would be difficult-to-impossible for someone to randomly "find" your geo fence by guessing.

FWIW, I've tried the IFTTT version with variables and the ISY Portal Occupancy Node.  I now use V5 and Locative with the ISY portal occupancy node and it works great


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