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Communication failure messages


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I have a zwave motion detector of unknown manufacturer and an aeotec multisensor connected to ISY.

Whenever I leave the console open I get inundated with "Failed Communicating with" Alerts. Cannot Communicate with xxxx. Please check connections.

I assume its getting these when the device is in standby to conserve power. I would think that the ISY would be smart enough to realize this and not barrage me with these messages.

Is there a way to disable these?


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Hi knctrnl,

Unless ISY is instructed to do things to that device (such as query/configuration/etc.), ISY does not on its own start querying the device. I suspect there are some pending commands that ISY is trying to do and, it does it when it hears that the device is awake. Unfortunately it seems that the communications are not successful.

With kind regards,

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