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What does "enable internet access" do in admin console?

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Seems like a dumb question to be asking I know, but..... In my configuration, I have the IP of the ISY on port 443 and on my router I forward that port through to the ISY. Agave works just fine for me on my phone (confirmed it's going through WAN and not LAN by shutting off wireless on phone). I just happened to try to "enable internet access (ISY)" in the admin console and it says "Failed enabling internet access". Seems like I don't need it maybe but in case I do, doesn't seem like it works.


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That's probably the most poorly-named GUI item in the ISY, and I'm at a loss to understand why UDI hasn't changed the name, or better yet moved that item down into some deep Admin->Super-admin->you-don't-really-want-to-do-this menu.

It enables UPNP, a technology universally frowned upon by all except malware and virus authors (they love it).  Don't turn it on -- hopefully your router ignores UPNP, but still it's best to not even attempt to use that mis-technology!

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Interesting, my router (linksys wrt 1900ac) does have UPnP enabled already - they seem tot think it should have it for ease of use, but still the ISY console doesn't let me turn on that enable internet setting. Sounds like that's a good thing and since I have a DynDNS account, I'm all set anyway

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