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Lights are going dim outside programming time?


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I am have two head scratching issues. 

The first has to do with one module (wall dim switch) setting the lights to dim at around 12pm. 

I made a program that set my Hallway lights to the lowest dim level that would take place starting at 12AM and stay dimmed until 7AM. 

But now the lights are going dim at 12pm. But if manual trip the motion sensor that turns them on they go to full brightness. 

I double checked the ISY's clock and it was correct. 

I re-checked the program. 


The second problem is I made a program that when I switch on the air conditioner it checks to see if a fan in a duct is on or off. If it's off turn it on. 

Then when you turn off the air conditioner it will turn off the fan duct. 

It works perfectly. Part of the reason it works is that I check the electric usage. If the active watts is above 0 the item is on. 

This all works perfectly and is terrific. 

I also have a program (and programs) that are set to perform a program when a IR Signal is received. 

Never had an issue. I can use my Harmony Remote to control as many as 40 IR commands. 

(We now have limited usage because Harmony now interfaces with some Home Automation) 

I was trying to get the IR program that turns on the fan duct by within the IR Program I call the test if on/off program for the fan duct. 

It won't work! 

I even move the IR if test to turn on the air conditioner into the program I have working above. It won't work. 

I should state that the IR program works with the Harmony

The other program works with Amazon Echo. 


Any ideas






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