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email notifications stopped - using default SMTP settings


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I tested the email settings again using the DEFAULT email setting.  The error log showed the following.  Having not used error logs before, I am not sure how to use this for troubleshooting.  Please assist.  Thanks much!

Tue 2018/10/16 03:41:33 AM System -100 [DHCP] state=RENEW    
Tue 2018/10/16 10:46:33 AM System -10011 n/a      
Tue 2018/10/16 10:51:23 AM System -170001 [UDSockets] RSub:31 error:6  
Tue 2018/10/16 10:51:28 AM System -5012 29      
Tue 2018/10/16 10:51:39 AM System -5012 30      
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Hello @twired,

There are no errors that are SMTP related. Are you certain that they are not going to junkmail? Also, you may have been banned by our server as a spammer (perhaps you had a program that bombards everyone with emails). If not in your junkmail, please open a ticket with a link to this post and provide your email address to which emails are going.

With kind regards,

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When this happened to me, i craeted a hotmail account, and has the ISY also send to there... then i put a filter on to the hotmail to forward to my gmail account.  It ended up my isp was not forwarding, or gmail blocked... sometimes they'd come a day later!  The ones to hotmail were always likedy-split, and they would forward to my gmail immediately.  It was a good way to troubleshoot. (i ended up leaving that way cause it works so well).

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I try very hard to avoid using google account access for any other devices / software. After years of experience with that process, google has changed their security about three times and I had to basically start over with all google apps and android phone workings.


Sounds like a great idea but when your password changes, almost every app you enabled with google security stops working and it can be very difficult to get them back without a complete factory reset of everything you own.. Google never forgets.

Switching to www.duckduckgo.com for a search engine has resulted in a lot less intelligent google spy pop-ups on my android devices and now I have also discovered my router was using a default google DNS. That has been changed and some web accesses are actually faster, now. I am slowly starting to feel I am getting some privacy back.

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I discovered an interesting little factoid when troubleshooting why I wasn't getting text alerts sent via my gmail account, after it had worked for years:  In the Wiki here:


there's a Note at the top that says that both the Subject and the Body of the email message must contain something, otherwise the email is not sent! No warning about this as you're configuring your email message. I had tried to get a terse text message to my iPhone via <my phone #>@txt.att.net, and I deleted everything in the body of the email, and put the alert just in the Subject line. Corrected that, and everything works fine now (yes, I'm using gmail IMAP).  

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