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Getting 8 button keypads to stay in sync

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I have several 8 button keypads so I can control several lights and functions from one location.  The problem I have is that if I turn on a light with my phone or Alexa the light comes on but the button on the keypad doesn't come on with it.  I know that if I set it up as a scene and then use the scene to turn it off and on then it works fine...I have the light and the KPL button in a scene and have both as controllers...which works for local control.  I know I can set up a program that can respond to a device being on and turn on the keypad button...but what I would really like is a way to set up the device and the KPL so that if the device is turned on remotely the KPL button would show on as well without having a program for each one...  Any thoughts on what I can do to accomplish this would be very helpful.



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