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New setup, Linking windows disapears

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New to ISY.  My Insteon Hub died today so I am trying to setup the new ISY I ordered a couple weeks ago and has been sitting in the box.

When I open the Admin Console and go to Link Management > Start Linking the window comes up to select Remove devices and 2 other options, and then disappears.  It may stay up just long enough for me to select "Add devices found in links and keep existing links" so I can try the spider mode and pick up some of my existing config, but in the end all just disappears. 

Another Window comes up with a progress bar breifly - shows 1% then also disappears. 

At this stage I cannot any of my Insteon devices. I have tried 2 different Win10 pcs,  IE, Mozilla and a link for the ISY Launcher.

What am I doing wrong? 



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Hi Todd, welcome to the UDI forums!

Two things:

  • Do you have the 2413S PLM Plugged in to the wall, and a Cat5 cable with RJ45 end from it to Port A of the ISY? The cable should have come with the PLM or the ISY.
  • If the above is ok, go to Tools-Diagnositics-PLM Info/Status. What does it say?


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Ok. If Diagnostics gives your PLM address and says connected, then your ISY install went fine.

The option you are selecting, "Add devices found in links and keep existing links", can be problematic

FWIW its worth, I came to the ISY from HomeSeer a few years ago and tried the "Add devices found in links and keep existing links" method. I changed my approach and did the following instead

  • Pick a subset of devices from a room and/or set of related functions
  • Factory reset each of the related devices
  • Add each device manually to the isy, picking "remove existing links"
  • rebuild the scenes using the "New Scene" option on the linking menu,
    • drag and drop scene members in, clicking the controller check box for controllers
  • give it some time to prove that the set of devices is working as desired
  • Move on to the next subset of devices

I know it sounds harder, but in the end it was better to start with a freshly programmed set of devices


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Since the Insteon Hub died suddenly I thought the Spider approach might help me get things up and running again quickly. I dont mind the manual, but thought I could save some time.  btw the windows disappear before I can even select an option - Remove.. or Add..

I tried adding an Insteon dimmer switch manually but it fails with an error "Cannot determine Insteon Engine"

Thanks for the pointers. 





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