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2440 remotelinc


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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to check in and ask if the 2440 remotelinc are now obsolete as far as the ISY is concerned.

A while back I tried to add my 2440 remotelinc to the ISY and it wouldn't recognize it.

I'd like to get them working if possible as I have two of them collecting dust (I have four mini remotes as well)



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Try adding it by going as far away from the PLM. So it has to go through another Dual Band Module for the task of adding it. I also could not add one with a recent revision PLM until I forced  another Dual Band device to do the communicating back to the ISY/PLM combination.

It is also possible the 2440 has developed issues. I have had a few go bad over the years.

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Hi Paul,

Yes, I use the 'Link a Remotelinc option.


I'm not sure how much further I need to go. 

I have instead stuff in the barn thats about 150 feet away from the PLM

(The only issue I can think of is the Barn is on a separate service but it still is controllable from the house and the ISY)

I find that perplexing but I'm happy it is the way it is)

Would that work?


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I just went to the other end of the house near a Dual Band module. If  you can get Insteon signals from the barn. Then that may work. Just remember you only have about four minutes to start adding it from the time you wake up the 2440 RemoteLinc. To get back to the ISY994i to start adding it.

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If you're linking scenes members to remotelinc buttons (or removing them), you'll need to put the remotelinc in linking mode first, meaning you'll have to have physical access to it. You will not have to "link a remotelinc" each time, just make sure the remotelinc is in linking mode (press and hold the set button until it beeps). Then drag things into (or out of) the scene.

If you are only modifying programs that use the remotelinc buttons that have the scenes created, no.


Edit. From your previous post, the barn part should work as well.. if its working don't worry about it.  The rf remotelinc will communicate through a dualband device and repeated over the powerline if that's the available route.  150 ft is a long way for RF, but not necessarily powerline. If the signals are getting their reliably that's not uncommon. 

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